ADV Films Announces Release Date for Knights of the Zodiac

2nd Volume of the hit fantasy-action series in stores March 9th, 2004
HOUSTON, March 1, 2004—ADV Films, the #1 producer-distributor of Japanese animation in North America, today announced a March 9, 2004 release date for the second volume of Knights of the Zodiac, the 40-episode version of the 1980s classic fantasy-action anime series Saint Seiya. ADV Films will release Knights of the Zodiac: Volume Two on DVD and VHS.

Edited for broadcast by DIC Entertainment, Knights of the Zodiac premiered in August on the Cartoon Network’s Saturday night line-up to great fanfare. The Knights of the Zodiac is being released simultaneously with the ADV Films’ release of the unedited Saint Seiya series, which is based on a manga by Masami Kurumada and produced by one of Japan’s top animation studios, Toei Animation (Digimon, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball).

No one has ever gotten past Andromeda’s Nebula Chains—until his long lost brother Ikki, now known as the vengeful Phoenix, crashes the tournament. And Phoenix is not looking to play by the rules to claim his prize! With Andromeda unwilling to use his weapon against his own kin, ten of his brother’s black knights steal the Gold Cloth from the stadium. Andromeda, Seiya and Swan vow to get it back. But first, Andromeda must confront his brother and discover what happened to him on the Island of Doom to make him so spiteful. As you’ll see, the most ferocious feuds run in the family!

Knights of the Zodiac: The Fight for the Gold Cloth (SRP $14.98 DVD; SRP $9.98 VHS) contains four complete episodes in English 2.0. Closed captioning is available on VHS and DVD releases. Includes ADV Previews.
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