NEW YORK, N.Y. – Silver Millennium Radio, an Internet radio station dedicated to the Anime series Sailor Moon, and ex2, the “number one place on the Internet for Extreme Anime Radio,” are pleased to announce the first ever “Crown of Anime” tournament.
Patterned after the famous tournament of College Basketball, some of the best Anime shows will go at it in head-to-head competition, with the Internet public determining which shows continue on, and which shows are kicked out of the brackets. When it is all finished, one show will remain – and that show will be declared the greatest Anime series of all time.

“Out of the many Anime shows that have been created in the past few decades, there is much to be debated as to what one series is the best,” said JRHorse, a.k.a. Jose Ramos, coordinator of the Crown of Anime Tournament. “This contest was created to answer that very question. Since the Internet public is invited to vote in these matches, hopefully the issue of what Anime series is better than the rest will be settled once and for all.”

Starting today, Anime fans from around the world that have access to the Internet can log on to the Crown of Anime Tournament web site, located at and send in a list of their top ten to twenty-five Anime shows for nomination into the tournament. Each person that sends in a nomination will be able to vote in the single-elimination tournament matches. Fans will vote on which Anime show is better out of the two in each match. The show with the most votes will advance in the tournament, and the loser is out. This process will continue until only one show – the greatest Anime series of all time – stands tall.

Assuming that all slots in the tournament are filled, the shows will be assigned to one of four tournament brackets, based on how they fared in the nomination process. Ramos, who is also the owner of Silver Millennium Radio, only thought for a brief moment before deciding what the names of the brackets would be. “Ordinarily, you have the East, the South, the Midwest and the West,” he said, “but I decided to pay homage to the Sailor Moon series, and the four main sidekicks that assist Sailor Moon in the fight for justice. That’s why the brackets are named for Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus.”

More information regarding the contest, including rules and how the brackets are determined, can be found on the web site.

Nominations for the Crown of Anime tournament are now being accepted via the web site. The closing of nominations is scheduled for Friday, April 9 at 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time. Late nominations will not be accepted. The tournament will begin a few days after that, after the brackets have been determined and judges have been assigned their matches. Selected judges will then have between two and three days to vote on their matches.

The Crown of Anime tournament is based on a similar Internet tournament format created by Tim Connolly. Connolly’s web site, home of the annual Game Show tournament and the NES tournament, is

Otaku World’s Anime and Manga Theme Guide has been selected as the official guide of the tournament. The guide can be found at Otaku World’s web site,

Silver Millennium Radio, powered by Live365, aims to be the best, if not one of the best, Sailor Moon-oriented radio stations on the Internet. The majority of the music that is featured is from the Japanese version of the show, with some English songs as well. Playlists are rotated on a regular basis, so listeners can enjoy more of their favorite Sailor Moon music. Created in March of 2003, the radio station offers special shows every weekend include “Starry Night Karaoke”, “Sailor of the Week” and “Moonlight Evenings.” Silver Millennium Radio’s web site is Radio, which opened its doors in February of 2000, has enjoyed a tremendous growth over the past several months, and is now one of the top five Internet Anime radio stations in the world. The latest version of the radio station, ex2, is powered by Shoutcast and offers a playlist of nearly 1,400 Anime and J-Pop songs which can be requested at anytime via its web site, In addition to a live show on Wednesday evenings hosted by station owner Keiichi-san, a.k.a. Michael Morris, ex2 offers special programs such as “Anime Retro Classics” and “Anime Reload.”
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