Exclusive Dragon Ball GT CCG Card in May 2004 Shonen Jump

Issue Also Includes Exclusive Akira Toriyama Pinup
The May 2004 Shonen Jump, published by Viz Communications, will include an exclusive Dragon Ball GT playing card and the first of seven consecutive monthly exclusive Akira Toriyama pinups.

The Dragon Ball GT promo card, #P6, completes the Super 17 Saga promo set in the CCG series from Score. This Erratic Energy Drill foil-embossed card is tournament legal, allowing players to shut down an opponent's energy attack. Up to three will be allowed per deck, "so players will be enticed to seek out multiple copies."

The popularity of the anime airing on the Cartoon Network's Toonami block (see "Dragon Ball GT's Awesome Debut") continues to drive sales in all categories.

The Akira Toriyama giant gatefold illustration, only printed before in Japan for the reissued Dragon Ball graphic novels, features Son Goku in action with his cohorts Bulma and Oolong looking on.

Also in the May issue is an exclusive preview of The Prince of Tennis, which will be released in the Shonen Jump graphic novel line this June. This coming of age sports drama (see "Viz Gives Sporting Manga a Chance") has proven very popular in Japan already, with 21 graphic novel volumes having sold almost 26 million copies and over 100 anime episodes aired to date.
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