Geneon To Launch Kamichu!

Geneon will launch the Kamichu!, a 16-episode anime series from 2005, on DVD in June.
It tells the story of a junior high school student who discovers that she is a god, tells her friends, and then begins to explore what it means to be a god and fulfill her responsibilities. The DVDs will include English and Japanese audie, two subtitle streams, staff articles and actor comments, and a production gallery.

Kamichu's pedigree is impressive. It's directed by Kouji Masunari (R.O.D. -- The TV), written by Hideyuki Kurata (R.O.D. the TV, Excel Saga, Hellsing), and with character designs by Taraku Uon (R.O.D. the TV, Please Teacher, Please Twins).

The first Kamichu! DVD will be released in two SKUs. The regular edition, which will retail for $29.98, will include a limited edition mini-pencil board. The Limited Edition Collector's Box will include three mini-pencil boards, a limited edition mini-wallscroll, will come in a rigid full-color collector's box with a wooden O-sleeve, and retail for $49.98. The Limited Edition will also include an art gallery as an additional DVD extra.

Street date for both is June 6th.
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