Peach Girl Vol. 1 Hits Shelves

Momo Adachi has got it hard. Naturally dark-skinned with bleached hair, everyone thinks she's just another party girl when actually she's a modest and lonely high school girl with a big crush. Misguided by conniving classmates and ever-insecure about her looks, Peach Girl follows Momo's struggle to be accepted by her classmates and her quest for the love that doesn't end at desire.
From the studio that brought us DragonBall Z and Trinity Blood, FUNimation is now delivering Peach Girl, the angst-ridden shojou tale of Momo Adachi. Thus far, 25 episodes of Miwa Ueda's manga-turned-anime have aired in Japan to positive reviews and a live action series began airing in 2002. Volume 1 features the first four episodes of the anime plus a bonus episode and an interview with one of the original Japanese voice actors. Volume 2 is slated to be released late next month and with any luck, Peach Girl may find a home on TV in the future.

The series is criticized for having a weak art style and an over-the-top soap-opera plot, but fans of the series are drawn to its cheesiness and teenage sap romance. The English dub and opening sequence have not been well-received by fans, but as with the animation quality of Peach Girl, we can expect things to smooth out over time as FUNimation continues to bring us Tokyo’s best.

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