Anime Downloads Coming to iTunes.

Tezuka Productions is adding anime series, a feature and shorts to iTunes Store for Downloading.
Tezuka Production announced it will ad three anime series, one anime feature, and eight anime shorts to the American iTunes Store for downloading on September 4.

They have also added to the TV Shows category with the English-dubbed versions of Astro Boy, the 1980 series with 52-episodes, 10 episodes of OVA version of Black Jack, and Pheonix with 13-episodes.

Tezuka Production is also adding to the movie section with Jungle Emperor Leo: The Movie (known as Kimba the White Lion) and eight of founder Osamu Tezuka's experimental films in the Short Films subcategory: "Tales of a Street Corner," "Mermaid," "Broken Down Film," "Drop," "Pictures at an Exhibition," "Jumping," "Legend of the Forest," and "MURAMASA." Jungle Emperor Leo is dubbed into English, but the experimental films are not dubbed.

The anime is not available the Japanese iTunes.
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