Come to the Teen Titans' Rescue!

The sixth season of Teen Titans might not happen unless you help.
The Cartoon Network is not likely to revive the Teen Titans for a sixth season, according to a Titans Tower fan site source.

Here's how the Web site says you can contact the Cartoon Network to help save the show:

"If you feel there are more Titans stories to be told, let Cartoon Network know how you feel. Snail mail is the most effective way. Scores of individual letters have the most impact; Petitions are generally worthless in networks' eyes. The best bet is to start a letter writing campaign with individual heartfelt letters stating you would like the show to continue. MAKE SURE TO PUT "SAVE TEEN TITANS!" BIG AND BOLD ON THE OUTSIDE ENVELOPE!"

Cartoon Network Official Mailing Address:
SAVE TEEN TITANS! [Big and Bold]
Cartoon Network
1050 Techwood Drive
Atlanta, GA 30318
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