DC Comics Preview: ACTION COMICS #862

The penultimate chapter of 'Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes!'
On Sale February 27:

Written by Geoff Johns; Art by Gary Frank and Jonathan Sibal; Cover by Frank; Variant cover (right) by Keith Giffen

Crushed by the Justice League of 3008 A.D., Superman and the Legion uncover the horrific secret behind the conspiracy against the Man of Steel. But with the League of Legion Rejects a step ahead of Superman's every move, who can finally turn the tide of the battle?

"Geoff Johns is on fire right now. Since taking over Action Comics, he has spun some interesting stories, but none like his current epic 'Superman and the Legion of Superheroes'. This storyline...has done something I haven’t seen in a Superman comic in years; creating a sense of Superman taking part in an epic without resorting to a 'Crisis'.

"Gary Frank...is able to nail facial expression and really sell the drama accompanying the action.

"Even with Superman taking a back seat in this epic storyline, 'Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes' hits all the marks for displaying what makes Superman the legend he is to members of the DCU, past, present, and future, and therefore, Action Comics continues to be a great series to pick up." - ERIK, Comic Fodder
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