Fan-Written Spider-Man 4 Screenplay

Fan-Written Spider-Man 4 Screenplay
A twist-filled fan written sequel to Spider-Man 3 finds Peter single again and being hunted by Kraven and The Chameleon.
It seems people are split in what they would liked to have seen after Spider-Man 3. There are those people who are looking forward to a new spin for our favorite webhead in the Spider-Man reboot. Then there are those who would like to have seen Tobey Maguire take us further into the world we were introduced to in Sam Raimi's first three Spider-Man movies. This fan-written script is for the latter group and follows a now single Peter Parker (that's right... no Mary Jane) trying to figure out his career options after university and of course, battling some new villains, namely Kraven the Hunter and The Chameleon. It's loosely inspired by "Kraven's Last Hunt." Betty Brant is now a major supporting character as is her finance Ned Leeds. And there are a few unexpected surprises, including some plot-twists even the biggest Spidey fans won't seem coming!

I wrote this over the course of a year after I saw (and was overall disappointed by) Spider-Man 3 to breath to some life into the franchise and set-up potential for more stories to come. I've gotten some terrific feedback from fans and look forward to hearing what readers think. Please try to keep the spoilers in the forum to a minimum so not to spoil the twists for those who haven't read it yet. You can read the script here:
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