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Buffy alumni Amber Benson joins the hosts of Midtown Comics' Crazy Sexy Geeks in a discussion of female superheroes in this video.
EdGross - 5/16/2010

This is a short film/music video I made set to Tom Waits' Innocent When You Dream, featuring characters from Neil Gaimen's Sandman...
Cassidy - 4/22/2010

Planet of the Apes vs. The Triffids (as in The Day of the Triffids) came to one fan in a dream.
EdGross - 4/22/2010

Season one comes to a close with more revelations, more mystery, and more zombies.
Martin Vavra - 4/21/2010

The Force was very strong at Denver's annual convention.
DogsOfWar - 4/20/2010

Broken Wall Films's breakout web series lands at this spring!
Rick Desilets - 4/19/2010

A fan of Howard Stern's took a phony phone call made on the show involving Howard doing his parents' voices and turned it into some pretty funny animation.
EdGross - 4/19/2010

Check out all the great Sci-Fi characters brought to life!
DogsOfWar - 4/19/2010

The latest episode of the iFanboy video podcast focuses its attention on Kick-Ass and you can check it out here.
EdGross - 4/16/2010

This trailer is from "Star Wars: Uncut," a complete retelling of the original Star Wars done by fans in 15-second segments.
EdGross - 4/15/2010

The saga of Dark Commandos -- the original live action webseries about vampire mercs carrying out missions for the government - has been posted, as well as a behind the scenes look back at webisode one.
EdGross - 4/13/2010

Continue to feed your zombie addiction with The Last Stand. Show your growing hunger with one of our shirts!
Martin Vavra - 4/13/2010

Want to see your own vision for a scene from Star Wars? Now is your chance!
DogsOfWar - 4/13/2010

Dark Commandos is the live action web series about a team of vampires carrying out missions for the government. Their leader is Non Gage and in words and comics, here's a bit more about him.
EdGross - 4/11/2010

The continuation of my Garth Ennis adaptation, based on his "In the Beginning and "Up is Down, Black is White." WARNING ADULT CONTENT
nero - 4/8/2010

Wanna see the destruction of the world at the hands of Pixels? Check out Patrick Jean Rains' short film, Pixels, which brings back many a video game memory.
EdGross - 4/8/2010

The adventures of the Undead Brigade kick off with the Dark Commandos in pursuit of the kidnappers of the Vice President's daughter.
EdGross - 4/7/2010

What if Michael Bay directed a vampire film? If the director did choose to turn his focus to the undead, the resulting film would undoubtedly be along the lines of something like “Vampire Marines” – a team of young, good-looking, kick-ass vampires working on assignment for the U.S. government.
EdGross - 4/7/2010

The zombie story continues with episode 3. Hope is crushed, bodies pile up, and a course of action is set!
Martin Vavra - 4/5/2010

According to Variety, a sitcom set in the Star Wars universe is in development. Although this sounds like a belated April Fool's joke, it apparently isn't. While we wait for details, check out one fan's version of a sitcom that mixes Star Wars with Neil Simon's The Odd Couple.
EdGross - 4/5/2010