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Buffy alumni Amber Benson joins the hosts of Midtown Comics' Crazy Sexy Geeks in a discussion of female superheroes in this video.
EdGross - 5/16/2010

Check out this video that purports to be the opening credits for a "lost" animated series starring the Beatles during their Get Back/Abbey Road period, from Scabby Knee Productions.
EdGross - 4/1/2010

This is a short film I made about my dad and his bird! I know it wouldn't exactly fit into the pop culture themes we usually go for, but there could well be some pigeon fanciers out there!...somewhere...
Cassidy - 2/24/2010

Here, you can take a look at Shaman's gallery of Superhero Sketches and keep up to date with any new art that Shaman will be releasing!
Shaman - 2/23/2010

What happens when you mix the rock band Queen with Planet of the Apes? Just check out this music video.
EdGross - 2/20/2010

Is this fanmade or made for fans?
P0llMaster - 10/2/2009

My 1st D9 sketch!
MikeBunt - 9/5/2009

The first post for FanArt. Batman 3 poster.
MikeBunt - 8/31/2009

Jman1977 brought news of the fan-made film, "The Hunt for Gollum" last week. With a budget of $3000, this little masterpiece has made quite an uproar in the fantasy world. See what all the hubbub is about...
J. "Falcon" Ayers - 5/3/2009

A few weeks ago, held the Tales of the Black Freighter fan fic contest. I wasn't able to submit my story due to time constraints, but for your reading pleasure, I now present you with what would have been my entry, "No Soul - A Tale of the Black Freighter"
J. "Falcon" Ayers - 4/28/2009