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Red Letter Media's Attack Of The Clones Review

If you have seen this dude's 7 part video review of The Phantom Menace, your gonna wanna check this out!
This guy(Mike he calls himself) really is a riot. His reviews nit pick on every single little details of George Lucas's much discussed Star Wars prequels. He delivers his voice over while talking like Frank Kisol from those Jerky Boys crank phone calls.. remember them? No? Well, take my word for it! Anyway, he goes way over board at times which only adds to the humor..for me anyway, any fans of these movies may want to stear clear, although mixed in with the top stuff is some genuinely insightful criticism of these films. Its nine vids being around 10 minutes each, so set some time aside for me, its worth it!

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ill watch these tomorrow at work. thats a better use of my time then actually working.

ror@ hurry up the lost review, im dying to start discussing the new developments!!!
superdog - 4/14/2010, 6:43 PM
Boy, this guy really hates the bag pipes.
BillyBlack - 4/15/2010, 12:34 PM
Holy Shit!

I watched the first three. This guy is my fkn hero!

Now I want pizza rolls.
BillyBlack - 4/15/2010, 4:43 PM
Brilliant!!!!! Totally tore Lucas a new one and he needed it!
wavehunter - 4/15/2010, 7:45 PM

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