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Lost: Episode 6:12 Everybody Loves Hugo

Well, everybody may love old Hurley, but I seriously doubt everyone loved this mental episode!
After a run of a few very good eps, Lost kinda [frick]ed up with this one. The entire episode isn't bad taken as a progression of the story but individual character choices are baffling..and not just in a usual Lost mysterious kind of way, in a "holy shit the writers were high as kites" kind of way.

The ep , as the title suggests, is Hurley centric. We see him in flash sideway timeline receiving an award. In this reality Hurley is a big deal in LA thanks to his humanitarian and charity work. His mother sets him up on a blind date. While he's waiting for her who should come over to his table but Libby. She feeds him a similar spiel that Charlie told Des last episode about his vision of Claire. She says she knows him from somewhere but can't explain it. Then her doctor arrives to take her back to the looney bin! Remember back in season ehh, 2 I think when we see Libby in the same home as Hurley at the end of his flashback? Some cross reality fiddling on the writers part perhaps? Anyway, just like Des, Charlie and Daniel Faraday, he can't get his star crossed love out of his head and goes to Mr Clucks to eat his weight in chicken. In walks Des, in the process of rounding up the Oceanic flight folk. He puts Hurley on the Libby path by suggesting that if he really feels for her that he should follow it through. He does not..DOES NOT , run him over!. So off he goes to visit her at the feed farm. Libby tells him that after seeing him on one of his Mr Clucks commercial she had visions of the two of them and realized that in some way they had known and cared for each other. Hurley feels something but can't recall them meeting before. So they arrange a date to the beach and when Libby kisses him(Awww)he remembers. Cut to Des waiting in his car outside the school where Locke and Ben are teaching. He sees Locke wheel himself up a hill, and RUNS HIM OVER! No nice polite conversation over chicken for Locke! This is befuddleing, but we will assume Des has a reason for it. Maybe it has something to do with Locke already having his love in this reality so Des had to resort to more extreme measures, but c'mon!

Anyway, island time. Hurley is by Libby's grave, saying he wishes she would drop by sometime for a chat when Michael turns up and tells Hurley that if they use the dynamite to blow up the Ajira plane then they will all die. But Hurley is going to have to talk Ilana and Richard out of it, as they are dead set on some splosions. Unfortunately in her haste to convince Hurley that its the right course of action Ilana slams down the bag containing the unstable dynamite and EXPLODES. Its ridiculous. First off, Ilana may not exactly have been a major character, but she was shaping up to be and I found her very interesting. If your going to kill her off, at least give her some kind of dramatic death! Yes I realize they were going for shocking but guess what, they already used the same frakking shock device at the end of season 1 with Dr Arzt! I mean seriously, 2 characters blowing themselves up? So after..mmm, 10 seconds the rest are over her death and Richard decides to go get more dynamite. Hurley pretends to agree but only so he can go ahead to the Black Rock and blow it all up. He then pretends to hear from Jacob and tells the others that he wants them to go talk to Un-Locke. But Richard doesn't believe him and sets off with Ben and Miles to get some grenades back at the old barracks. Jack, Sun and Frank follow Hurley..who actually has no idea where he is going. Meanwhile, Sayid brings Un-Locke to where he has Desmond tied to a tree. This is more silliness I feel. Ok so Sayid is possessed or something and is not supposed to be himself, Des is also acting strangely since his magnetic encounter but these two are pals! Surely we should have one of them reference the time they bonded on a boat that almost exploded and killed them both! I for one would have preferred to hear whatever dialog these two had for each other as they trekked back to camp instead of seeing Sawyer bitching at Un-Locke about something or other. But, such is Lost at times. Anyway, Un-Locke brings Des out to a well and flings him down it. Just like that. Oh he asks him why he isn't afraid first. Another silly bit. Although it is possible this event influenced sideways Des with the running over of Locke somehow since the well is directly over the frozen donkey wheel and we know Des is partial to a bit of time/reality hoping. But its possible of course that the two incidents are unrelated. Back to Hurley and co. On the way to see Un-Locke they hear the whispers and Hurley runs into Michael again, who reveals that he is trapped on the island as a ghost because of what he did(murdered Libby and Anna Lucia). Apparently that what the whispers were all along, the echoes of the dead trapped on the island! Why they decided to whisper whenever any of The Others were around in the early seasons is anyones guess. Micheal points the way to Locke, and asks Hurley that if he ever sees Libbey again to tell her he is sorry for killing her. Its a nice moment as I always liked Michael as a character and its nice to see him back, even as a ghost. So, team Jacob finally come face to face with team Jin who is with Widmore(sorry Sun). Un-Locke and Jack burn a whole in each other.

So, like I said, a solid enough episode as far as advancing the story but some real howlers for me in there too. Its nice to see Hurley take a more leadership role though, even if her is really winging it! Jack seems content to follow him too for now, but I expect the old take charge Jack will come back soon enough after a few words between he and Un-Locke. As for why Un-Locke threw Des down the well? Well obviously Widmore was telling the truth when he said Des was the only thing that could stop Un-Locke and he knew it. But why that well? Why not just Smoke Monster his ass. I reckon its because even though Des isn't actually a candidate, he will ultimately replace Jacob. I might be way off, but it seemed like Un-Locke knew that throwing him down that well wouldn't kill him, just keep him out of the way for a bit. And sideways Des is running around visiting the other characters and giving them a "push" in a certain direction much the same way Jacob did for them all to get them to the island in the first place(or back to the island in some cases).

Anyhoo, not a complete wash out, I just hated some writer choices in this one. Next weeks ep is called The Last Recruit. Its a pretty awesome promo with Willy Wonka ranting over it! Has Lost lost its marbles?

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Great recap man!
I agrre with you in some points, overall i think it worked well enough.
That explosion of Illana . . . . why?!?! geeez! ;)

Great job man!
wolverinept - 4/14/2010, 9:27 PM
Ror@ ok here i go. i couldnt agree with your more. the illana thing was stupid. your right, they did that exact same thing already. and why do it to her? just so ben could say that line about how the island was done with her? lame. thats a old theme as well. and they had michael around to remind us of that already. as for the whispers, im ok with the answer about the souls thing. the reason they whisper when the others come is i think they are trying to warn people of danger. its clear to me now that there were 2 sets of others. the ones at the temple who followed jacob, and the ones not who followed ben. i think richard would float between both. the ones not at the temple were pretty bad people. they did most of the murdering, so i think the souls were trying to warn the 815ers. now on to desmond and locke. there are lots of theories. is it revenge for the throw down the hole thing, is he trying to get locke to have an experience to remind him of the island life, does he want locke to go to the hospital so jack can heal him and they both have a island flashback. could be anyones guesse at this stage. that was very horryfing scene though. man locke just cannot catch a break in any reality.
superdog - 4/15/2010, 11:32 AM
I agreed as well that the Illana and the whispers thing were a bit soft. I didn't really mind either one. There was no way they were gonna flesh out Illana's character with so much else to do anyway. I understand that they already did the dynamite thing, but I laughed my ass off when she blew up. And having that be Jacobs way of telling them they were on the wrong path wasn't too far from what he's done in the past. He could have, as Ben suggested, brought her to the island specifically to blow her up. I felt they explained the whispers thing like they were talking to a 4 year old, that was my only beef with that. I liked the way the story was advanced, and the flash sideways scenes are getting better since Desmond is on his quest. Not sure I agree with the two sets of Others theory. But I think there's little doubt that Desmond is manipulating current events by changing events in the flash sideways.

On a side note, it occured to me that Christian appeared on the freighter when Michael died. Letting him know he could "go now". Since he was able to leave the island, does that prove that he is not in fact old smokey? It seems to me that the water is his boundary, only able to get to the hydra after he took Locke's form. So who or what is Christian then? Is he aligned with Jacob or Esau? Or is he his own entity? As always, the questions outnumber the answers.
BillyBlack - 4/15/2010, 12:20 PM
if have thought all along that christian is a seperate entity. he has the ability like jacob to appear off the island, unlike locke. so i never thought he was smokey. plus the fact that they never found his body is sometihing they keep pointing out so that must be important. i dont know who or what he is, hopefully we will find. but i dont believe he is either smokey or jacob. i never got the impression that jacob ever takes other forms. hes alwaya appeared as jacob, thats why i dont believe its him. we know smokey can take other forms, but as i said christian appeared on the frieghter and on land to jack in the hospital, he may be the one who keeps taking shapes of the kids that keep showing up. he is the one mystery that i personally care about the most. one thing about illana. when jacob came to her in the hospital she was all burned and scarred, like she had been blown up. i wonder if jacob was visiting sideways illana and she got burned because of what happened to island illana. they never have explained why she was in that hospital all burned. wonder if it will connect to the dynamite incident.
superdog - 4/15/2010, 12:52 PM
Well put superdog

I had a similar feeling about her in the hospital. But that would also mean that Jacob is in the flash sideways world. Manipulating events like Desmond. So much left to discover.
BillyBlack - 4/15/2010, 12:56 PM
and soooo little time to discover it. thats what worries me :)
superdog - 4/15/2010, 1:12 PM
Amen my friend.

It's gonna be a nail-biter down to the finish.
BillyBlack - 4/15/2010, 2:26 PM
Illana blowing up like that was purposefully stupid and sudden. I'm pretty sure the writers didn't forget they killed Arzt the same way, thats the point. Rather than "just finding an excuse to kill of a character they have no need for", it was meant to be ironic. Ben said it best when he said that it makes him wonder what they island will do to all of them once it's done with them. It proves they are not afraid to kill off major characters and the suddenness makes the show less predictable and makes it more realistic and true to something that could happen in real life, rather than watching it and going "wow, this is scripted" like most other shows.

All in all, it keeps us thinking, "this could happen to any of them." Is it once their purpose is served? Or just because she was stupid with dynamite? I guess we'll hopefully find out. But the fact that she was a messenger of Jacob and died like that really does mean something. She isn't protected just because Jacob sent her.

As for the answers, I think the two timelines will converge in the next episode or two, and that means the slow build up we've been having will really start to pick up into big events and answers. At least they're not just throwing stuff out haphazardly because they don't have time left. It's been centered on character development so far, and that's what LOST has always been about and what makes it great.

(posted a lot of this over at CBM)
starjammer - 4/15/2010, 2:48 PM
I can see truth in a lot of what you're saying starjammer.

Although I don't think the timelines will converge until the two-part finale. But I agree, they are laying it down very carefully, and for that I an very thankful.

See... I'm not such an asshole ;)
BillyBlack - 4/15/2010, 3:12 PM
my theory on christian is that he's a step above richard in the Jacob hierarchy. i think he's really Jacobs right hand man as to where richard is more of a messenger. prepare for crack pot theory! and as billyblack knows - i appreciate whoever takes the time to read my long posts!-

Basically i think Christian was at one point an Other. and that at one point he met jacob, was subsequently exiled from the island ala widmore and went into a drunken depression ala jack after he left the island. then he faked his death because he knew jack was destined to land on the island and that was his one way to get back. to be on flight 815. (i know, would seem hard to fake your own death to your all-star doctor son but if he was at one point an Other he might have access to great resources like charles and ben and could pay off a doctor and forge the right papers and drug himself to make himself appear dead for a few hours in order to fool his son)

so- plane breaks apart mid-air, coffin falls out, lands, out flies Christian's body (which of course doesn't die, cuz well, look at jack and locke and everyone else who just awoke on the island) and is re-united with Jacob who sets him forth upon his quest.

Christian can't be smokey because he appeared off-island and on the boat where he "allowed" Micheal to die. something we BELIEVE couldn't happen because of Jacob's interference.

Some of you might say - "well he told locke he had to make a sacrifice before he turned the wheel which lead to smokey over taking his conciousness/body which was always MiB's plan" - well that all depends on how much foresight jacob had into the future. He told richard in "Ab Aeterno" that "no one comes in unless i invite them in". i took that as meaning he planned on dying all along and knew MiB would use ben to kill him. i also believe he knows how it's all going to end and that locke must die in order for MiB to think he's still on target to complete his master plan. after all the key to a good con is to make them think it was thier idea. so if jacob knew all along that John would die and would subsequently be the key to defeating MiB then it makes sense Christian would, at the behest of jacob, tell locke he had to make a "sacrifice."

Regardless if Christian was ever an Other or not - he still could've awoken on the island and still could've been recruited by jacob.

anyway that's my theory and i'd rather say it and be wrong about it today then not say it and be right in 6 weeks going "i knew it all along!" lol
OdinsBeard - 4/15/2010, 3:45 PM
HahahhAHA good point Odins

Better to get that out now, just in case it actually happens! The only thing I find troubling with this theory is the "faking his death" part (which you already said was the tricky part). Everything else seems plausible at the least. I like the thought of Christian possibly being an Other. Sounds like a stretch, but crazier shit has happened on the island. No doubt about that.
BillyBlack - 4/15/2010, 3:52 PM
The problem with your theory is that Christian would still be alive. That doesn't work cause he appeared to Michael on the boat right before it blew up. If he was Alive he would die with Michael. And he appeared to jack at the hospital, then when jack looked away and then back he was gone. Same with sun and lapidus at the darhma house. He can appear and dissapear at will. Hard to do if he is just a normal human being other. I guesse Jacob could endow him with teleportation powers. Short of that he can't be "alive"
superdog - 4/15/2010, 4:18 PM
Billy@ lol i did say "crack-pot" theory. and yeah as far as Christian being an Other that's more of a hope than a prediction. and that would fall in line with the "faked his death" part. and i am coming up with shaky reasons to connect dots that might not be there. i just think it would be cool if Jacob knows EVERYTHING that will happen and is having christian help him out.

But im not going to be so quick to dismiss christian previously being on the island. maybe he knew something about jacks destiny and never thought he "had what it takes" to fulfill it. so that's why he kept pushing him and kept telling him he doesn't have it.

you all know as much as me so feel free to tear apart or offer support to any theory! im always ready to talk some lost!
OdinsBeard - 4/15/2010, 4:24 PM
super@ ok well throw out what i said about him faking his death. say he really was dead. do you think it's within jacob's power-set to resurrect him? or not even necessarily "resurrect" but bring him back sort of like Michael, Ana Lucia and others that have been dead on the island?

i just don't think it's MiB. and i want to believe it's more than just his ghost wondering around. he seems to know a hell of a lot.
OdinsBeard - 4/15/2010, 4:29 PM
The Christian thing. I still think he was just an incarnation of Smokey. Yeah he appeared on teh freighter..and off island to Jack, but THAT may have actually been Christina Shepards spirit..either way, I wouldn't be surprised if teh writers glossed over teh off island stuff. The reason I believe he is Smokey is because of all teh things he has done to manipulate certain characters right where Un-Locke seems to have wanted them, and most of all, he was with Claire in teh cabin and then Claire ends up shacked up with Un-Locke,,pretty big coincidence!

Oh and thanks for posting on here fellas:)
Cassidy - 4/15/2010, 4:31 PM
Cassidy@ thanks for posting up a great article my friend!

Don't forget that when claire was referring to "her friend" she made a point to tell Jin that it was a different person than "her father." and she also knew it wasn't locke. Jin asked what was up and shes like "thats not locke thats my friend:)." so unless Smokey was just f'in with her - there is a difference between her father and her friend (smokey)

but, to your point, she did say her father lead her to believe the others had her baby. which was smokey's idea.

OdinsBeard - 4/15/2010, 5:04 PM
I want to say that Christian and Smokey aren't in cahoots, but I don't know that I believe that. Such an interesting mystery, what role will Christian Shepard play when it's all said and done? Kinda like dog said, that is the most thought provoking question left to be answered.
BillyBlack - 4/15/2010, 5:47 PM
Remember too that when Jack was off the island, the smoke detector went off and when he was checking it, Christian appeared. Sounds pretty smokey to me.

This is my theory: Smokey can animate anyone that is dead on the island. He can speak to them in this form, but can't kill or touch them. This makes sense when you think of Eko dying after Smokey appeared as Remmy, and him appearing as Alex to Ben. This would make sense if he was Christian too; he could use it to manipulate others, like when Locke was turning the wheel. Locke asked for help and CHristian said he had to do it himself (since he can't touch him). It also explains how he manipulated Claire by coming in the form of her father at the end of Seas 4. Also, it explains why his body was not in the coffin in Season 1.

One more thing, it makes sense that he would appear before Michael right before he died, since now we know that Michael is trapped on the island, almost like a kind of "hell". I think he is like the keeper of the Underworld, and this is his association with the dead. It makes sense since the underground tunnels he travels in are called "Cerberus vents", according to the blast door. (Cerberus was the keeper of the Underworld in Greek mythoology.)

Sorry that was so long, but uh...what do you guys think?

starjammer - 4/15/2010, 6:38 PM
Just read the other posts, i guess you guys kind of touched on that a bit. There's a little more info in there though...
starjammer - 4/15/2010, 6:41 PM
Maybe Claire knows its not really her Father, but he just used that form. Maybe he thought it would comfort her.
starjammer - 4/15/2010, 6:44 PM
Starjammer@ in the hospital the smoke detector did not go off. THe battery started beeping to be changed. Which is not triggered by smoke. And if it were smoke then why would he need to get off the if he can already leave whenever he wants? And if it issmoky just impersonating him then where is his body? Should have been in the casket and found by now. My final point as to why I think it was not smokey. In the wheel house when Christian tells John to turn the wheel, just before he leaves Christian says "tell my son in saiid hi" which John replies " who is your son?"..if this was smokey why would he say that? If John doesn't know who he is and can't relay the message it doesn't serve smokies purpose at all. And why out of all the people smokie could impersonate would it be Christian? He could have been anyone so why choose his form? And again why say say hi to my son? That sounds like something a real father would say as a way to comfort himself and have some sort of contact with his son, even if not personally. That scene is what has always led me to believe that he is not smokey. Also he was in the room with sun and lapidus looking out the window at John. We've never seen anything that would suggest smokey could be manifested as 2 people at once.
superdog - 4/15/2010, 7:10 PM
hmm very good thoughts, I think you're right after all. As far as him getting off the island, I was thinking that he, like Jacob, can freely go off the island, but would not be able to touch or affect anything. As far as the body, he is animating it, so as long as he is in that form, the body would not be anywhere. Him permanently being Locke would change all that, and now it would be tough to get off the island, but once he did he could actually affect/destroy.

A few things you said would really debunk that though, especially the thing about him saying hello to my son. It really seems like he is a good guy, and a good fatherly-type figure. We've also seen a lot of those good, paternal characteristics in Smokey, too, though. He comes across as very likable at times. But like you said, there wouldn't really be any kind of gain for him by saying that, so it's a good argument.

Also, one of the LOST mobisodes shows Christian deep in the jungle seconds before the events of the pilot start. He pets Vincent and tells him to go help his son. This also seems very "good guy protector", and very fatherly, and it seems almost biblical like he's sending the holy spirit or something....Cool stuff to think about.
starjammer - 4/15/2010, 9:20 PM
My theory is that Christian is the physical manifestation of the island itself. That's why he appeared to Michael and said "you can go now". I've never go the pression that smokey or even Jacob could protect people from dying the way that Michael couldn't die. Or jack. It's the island that has control over those things. By Christian being the one saying that to Michael I believe he is the island as human form. And he's been "alive" as long as the island. He fathered jack to be Jacobs replacent. As far as an animated body. I don't believe smokey animates bodies he just takes thier shape. Otherwise he would have animated lockes body, which we know he didn't since he's buried on the beach. But as I said, the Christian mystery is the one I want answered the most
superdog - 4/16/2010, 5:33 AM
super@ i would like that even better than my suggestion/prediction. if christian has been alive for ages... that would be awesome! but why was he so flawed? why was he such a drunken asshole? lol. all the more reasons why christian is awesome!
OdinsBeard - 4/16/2010, 9:34 AM
I dunno. Maybe being around humans so long he picked up thier traits. Maybe it was all part of the act to get jack where he needed to be. Remember he fathered Claire too who is also playing an important role. I'm wondering if maybe he is Jacobs and smokeys father as well. Remmber smokey said he had a crazy mother. One would assume then that he also has a father. Could they be brothers with Christian as the father? Maybe that's why it seems like he's been helping them both at different times. Trying to play the parental role, stepping between them as a parnt often does with children. Remember the show has ALWAYS been about people with daddy issues. It's really the big common theme so makes sense that a father would be the key. I dunno. We'll find out soon enough I guesse.
superdog - 4/16/2010, 11:14 AM
What if it was like this, Super -

say christian IS the father of MiB and Jacob (makes sense cuz you brought up the whole "seems to be working with both of them" idea) however - instead of being alive for hundreds/thousands of years (however old jacob and MiB are) he was just transported into the very distant future. which is really like 1950's or so. enough time for him to meet jacks mother then father jack.

Man ok stay with me here because as i was typing the above paragraph it got me thinking about the indecent.

so 1954 was the absolute earliest any of our losties went back and meddled with stuff. so therefore by dropping jughead down the hatch they never landed on the island in 2004, never joined dharma in 1974 and never went back and warned the other about jughead in 1954. so the the two timelines must have split in the 1950's because thats how far back the losties affected (effected?idk) things. and if they never landed on the island they could've never done that.

now i can tie that in with the stuff i took from your theory. that something happened in the 1950's that is of major importance to the two timelines and IF Christian IS the father of MiB and Jacob it would make sense that thats when he shows up.

of course lots of holes lol and again, connecting dots that mgiht not be there but as you said - christian is the one thing left that i really really care about.
OdinsBeard - 4/16/2010, 12:34 PM
He could have purposefully been a crappy Dad because he somehow knew it would turn Jack into who he is. I believe a similar thing happened with Widmore being a jerk to Desmond. Him and Eloise always knew he had a big destiny on the island and had to do this to push him into ending up there.

I was thinking that blond kid that keeps appearing might be the manifestation of the island, as he kind of seems more neutral in the feud. The Christian stuff makes sense though. I'm just trying to think of the connection of Christian's body landing on the island, and Locke's...why did that finally break the cycle for Smokey?

As far as the animated bodies theory, it would make sense with Locke. It's not just LOCKE's body that makes him able to find the loop, it's the fact that he got SOMEONE's body in the way he did. Or at least replicated it. Locke was just the easiest to manipulate...Or I could be way off.

starjammer - 4/16/2010, 12:34 PM
He could have purposefully been a crappy Dad because he somehow knew it would turn Jack into who he is. I believe a similar thing happened with Widmore being a jerk to Desmond. Him and Eloise always knew he had a big destiny on the island and had to do this to push him into ending up there.

I was thinking that blond kid that keeps appearing might be the manifestation of the island, as he kind of seems more neutral in the feud. The Christian stuff makes sense though. I'm just trying to think of the connection of Christian's body landing on the island, and Locke's...why did that finally break the cycle for Smokey?

As far as the animated bodies theory, it would make sense with Locke. It's not just LOCKE's body that makes him able to find the loop, it's the fact that he got SOMEONE's body in the way he did. Or at least replicated it. Locke was just the easiest to manipulate...Or I could be way off.

starjammer - 4/16/2010, 12:37 PM
starjammer@ i think what smokey does in order to impersonate someone is just like absorb their consciousness. it's also the same thing that travels back and forth in time with desmond. not his body but his mind and his memories. its also the thing miles can read after someone dies. and what seems to bee keeping michael and the others like him on the island. there's something connecting consciousness and the electro-magnetism.

after all - when miles saw namoi's body he said "that's not naomi, that's just meat"

so i think locke is really trapped inside of MiB but it's not lockes body shrunken down or anything - just his personality and memories.
OdinsBeard - 4/16/2010, 12:39 PM
He could have purposefully been a crappy Dad because he somehow knew it would turn Jack into who he is. I believe a similar thing happened with Widmore being a jerk to Desmond. Him and Eloise always knew he had a big destiny on the island and had to do this to push him into ending up there.

I was thinking that blond kid that keeps appearing might be the manifestation of the island, as he kind of seems more neutral in the feud. The Christian stuff makes sense though. I'm just trying to think of the connection of Christian's body landing on the island, and Locke's...why did that finally break the cycle for Smokey?

As far as the animated bodies theory, it would make sense with Locke. It's not just LOCKE's body that makes him able to find the loop, it's the fact that he got SOMEONE's body in the way he did. Or at least replicated it. Locke was just the easiest to manipulate...Or I could be way off.

starjammer - 4/16/2010, 12:42 PM
now the question is what the F is sideways locke going to see in his flashes??? darkness? a "beautiful bright light"? himself dying? a bunch of dirt cuz he's burried??

next week is going to be awesome.
OdinsBeard - 4/16/2010, 12:43 PM
I think your right about the consciousness thing. It is the mind/soul that is important on this show not the body. That's why we have all the dead people stuff and consciousness traveling. That is why smokey scans people to see what's inside thier soul. Even the dead asioan temple guy (forgot his name) said inside the people is the scale balancing good and evil. I think it's all about the mind and the spirit.
superdog - 4/16/2010, 3:01 PM

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