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Lost: Episode 6:12 Everybody Loves Hugo

Well, everybody may love old Hurley, but I seriously doubt everyone loved this mental episode!
After a run of a few very good eps, Lost kinda [frick]ed up with this one. The entire episode isn't bad taken as a progression of the story but individual character choices are baffling..and not just in a usual Lost mysterious kind of way, in a "holy shit the writers were high as kites" kind of way.

The ep , as the title suggests, is Hurley centric. We see him in flash sideway timeline receiving an award. In this reality Hurley is a big deal in LA thanks to his humanitarian and charity work. His mother sets him up on a blind date. While he's waiting for her who should come over to his table but Libby. She feeds him a similar spiel that Charlie told Des last episode about his vision of Claire. She says she knows him from somewhere but can't explain it. Then her doctor arrives to take her back to the looney bin! Remember back in season ehh, 2 I think when we see Libby in the same home as Hurley at the end of his flashback? Some cross reality fiddling on the writers part perhaps? Anyway, just like Des, Charlie and Daniel Faraday, he can't get his star crossed love out of his head and goes to Mr Clucks to eat his weight in chicken. In walks Des, in the process of rounding up the Oceanic flight folk. He puts Hurley on the Libby path by suggesting that if he really feels for her that he should follow it through. He does not..DOES NOT , run him over!. So off he goes to visit her at the feed farm. Libby tells him that after seeing him on one of his Mr Clucks commercial she had visions of the two of them and realized that in some way they had known and cared for each other. Hurley feels something but can't recall them meeting before. So they arrange a date to the beach and when Libby kisses him(Awww)he remembers. Cut to Des waiting in his car outside the school where Locke and Ben are teaching. He sees Locke wheel himself up a hill, and RUNS HIM OVER! No nice polite conversation over chicken for Locke! This is befuddleing, but we will assume Des has a reason for it. Maybe it has something to do with Locke already having his love in this reality so Des had to resort to more extreme measures, but c'mon!

Anyway, island time. Hurley is by Libby's grave, saying he wishes she would drop by sometime for a chat when Michael turns up and tells Hurley that if they use the dynamite to blow up the Ajira plane then they will all die. But Hurley is going to have to talk Ilana and Richard out of it, as they are dead set on some splosions. Unfortunately in her haste to convince Hurley that its the right course of action Ilana slams down the bag containing the unstable dynamite and EXPLODES. Its ridiculous. First off, Ilana may not exactly have been a major character, but she was shaping up to be and I found her very interesting. If your going to kill her off, at least give her some kind of dramatic death! Yes I realize they were going for shocking but guess what, they already used the same frakking shock device at the end of season 1 with Dr Arzt! I mean seriously, 2 characters blowing themselves up? So after..mmm, 10 seconds the rest are over her death and Richard decides to go get more dynamite. Hurley pretends to agree but only so he can go ahead to the Black Rock and blow it all up. He then pretends to hear from Jacob and tells the others that he wants them to go talk to Un-Locke. But Richard doesn't believe him and sets off with Ben and Miles to get some grenades back at the old barracks. Jack, Sun and Frank follow Hurley..who actually has no idea where he is going. Meanwhile, Sayid brings Un-Locke to where he has Desmond tied to a tree. This is more silliness I feel. Ok so Sayid is possessed or something and is not supposed to be himself, Des is also acting strangely since his magnetic encounter but these two are pals! Surely we should have one of them reference the time they bonded on a boat that almost exploded and killed them both! I for one would have preferred to hear whatever dialog these two had for each other as they trekked back to camp instead of seeing Sawyer bitching at Un-Locke about something or other. But, such is Lost at times. Anyway, Un-Locke brings Des out to a well and flings him down it. Just like that. Oh he asks him why he isn't afraid first. Another silly bit. Although it is possible this event influenced sideways Des with the running over of Locke somehow since the well is directly over the frozen donkey wheel and we know Des is partial to a bit of time/reality hoping. But its possible of course that the two incidents are unrelated. Back to Hurley and co. On the way to see Un-Locke they hear the whispers and Hurley runs into Michael again, who reveals that he is trapped on the island as a ghost because of what he did(murdered Libby and Anna Lucia). Apparently that what the whispers were all along, the echoes of the dead trapped on the island! Why they decided to whisper whenever any of The Others were around in the early seasons is anyones guess. Micheal points the way to Locke, and asks Hurley that if he ever sees Libbey again to tell her he is sorry for killing her. Its a nice moment as I always liked Michael as a character and its nice to see him back, even as a ghost. So, team Jacob finally come face to face with team Jin who is with Widmore(sorry Sun). Un-Locke and Jack burn a whole in each other.

So, like I said, a solid enough episode as far as advancing the story but some real howlers for me in there too. Its nice to see Hurley take a more leadership role though, even if her is really winging it! Jack seems content to follow him too for now, but I expect the old take charge Jack will come back soon enough after a few words between he and Un-Locke. As for why Un-Locke threw Des down the well? Well obviously Widmore was telling the truth when he said Des was the only thing that could stop Un-Locke and he knew it. But why that well? Why not just Smoke Monster his ass. I reckon its because even though Des isn't actually a candidate, he will ultimately replace Jacob. I might be way off, but it seemed like Un-Locke knew that throwing him down that well wouldn't kill him, just keep him out of the way for a bit. And sideways Des is running around visiting the other characters and giving them a "push" in a certain direction much the same way Jacob did for them all to get them to the island in the first place(or back to the island in some cases).

Anyhoo, not a complete wash out, I just hated some writer choices in this one. Next weeks ep is called The Last Recruit. Its a pretty awesome promo with Willy Wonka ranting over it! Has Lost lost its marbles?

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