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COMICS: Writer Roger Stern Talks His Five Favorite Avengers

In a short interview with, Avengers writer Roger Stern discusses his five favorite Avengers (in no particular order).
If you're a long time Avengers fan, some of your favorite classic issues likely sport Roger Stern's name between the covers. He wrote over 50 issues of AVENGERS in the 80’s as well as limited series and one-shots like AVENGERS #1/2, AVENGERS FOREVER, AVENGERS INFINITY and AVENGERS TWO: WONDER MAN AND BEAST.

Today he gives us his five favorite Avengers. After the article, leave us a list of your five favorite Avengers as well.

Captain America

“Cap is a living legend, America's super-soldier, and an exemplar of the greatest generation. He's always been Mister Avenger to me. Before Cap, the Avengers were a loose confederation of super-heroes, but when he joined, they truly became a team.”

The Wasp

“Never, ever underestimate this lady. She may be cute as a button, but she can also be hard as nails. Plus, she gave the Avengers their name. What, you say she's dead? Yeah, and so were Cap and Thor once upon a time. I wouldn't count her out yet.”

Iron Man

“Tony Stark is a flawed man who is always trying to overcome his flaws. He's a self-made super hero who is always reinventing himself. And don't forget, he turned his family mansion over to the Avengers to use as their headquarters.”

Captain Marvel

“I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Monica. She was the new kid, learning on the job how best to use her amazing powers and growing into her role as an Avenger. It's never been the same without her.”


“He's snarky, arrogant, and always questioning authority, but whenever he's away from the Avengers, you can tell there's an empty seat at the table. Next to Cap, Hawk is arguably the Avenger's best hand-to-hand combatant, and he's always pushing himself to be better.”
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