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Christopher Nolan's Justice Legue?

We've been hearing a lot lately about 'The Dark Knight' director Christopher Nolan getting behind the 'Superman' movie franchise and helping Warner Bros rebuild that.
Last week Nolan's screenwriting collaborator David Goyer was rumored to be writing or co-writing the 'Superman' film. Some reports had their other collaborator, Jonathan Nolan co-writing that movie with Goyer.

Now adds some new wrinkles to the Nolan/Goyer/Nolan/Batman/Superman rumor cocktail.

In their latest unsourced report, the site claims that not only are Jonah Nolan and Goyer writing the the scripts for 'Superman' under the guidance of big Chris, but Jonah is also being considered to direct the Man of Steel relaunch as well. Supposedly the prospect of the lesser Nolan moving up to directing tent-poles is one of the reasons big brother has agreed to take on the "Godfather" role in the franchise.

IESB admits that this is just a rumor at this point and that Jonathan Nolan may just be one of many directors being considered. It would seem, that even with the anointment of his hit-making brother, putting the younger Nolan at the helm of the studio's biggest (and presumably most expensive) franchises would be a tough sell. Aside from his work on the Batman movies, J. Nolan has virtually no directing experience. The equation would certainly require Christopher to be a very, very hands-on producer.

The other interesting part of IESB's report: Getting Christopher behind 'Superman' as well as 'Batman' is all part of DC Entertainment's plans to have their franchise ( 'Green Lantern', 'Flash' and 'Wonder Woman' included) build towards a 'Justice League' super tent-pole. Nolan would apparently be the guy to help make all those pieces fit together in the same way Jon Favreau is taking such an active role in building out the Marvel Universe on the big screen.

While the rumor mill is certainly asserting that elder Nolan's role in relaunching 'Superman' is a done deal, DC Entertainment topper Diane Nelson downplayed the reports last week. In a related report, IGN spoke with Alan Horn, the top guy at Warner Bros, about that one. Horn's remarks are non-committal but seems to suggest that Nolan will be branching out from 'Batman'.

"I can say the DC library represents a repository of very, very important assets to us and we are...excited about ramping up the DC properties. I thought the first Superman -- Superman Returns -- was actually a pretty good film, and Chris, of course, has done a great job with the two Batman films," Horn told IGN. "So we expect him to be a big part of our future going forward, including with our DC properties. But I guess we think of DC as lining up planes ready to take-off on the runway. A number of properties we're very excited about and you'll be hearing about them shortly. ... I think we're going to be announcing something in the next couple of months."

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