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Make Mine Marvel But DC Knows How To Count

One of the primary goals/challenges of a comic collector is often to get the entire run of a series.
In some cases this can be a fairly simple task to accomplish if the series is relatively new like Ultimate X-Men or Batgirl or Haunt. Of course, the older the series, the more difficult the task becomes. I'm guessing there are very few collectors out there that have a complete run of Action Comics or Detective Comics. As we get into the 1960's and the birth of the Marvel super hero age, the likelihood that complete runs of books such as Fantastic Four, The Avengers and Amazing Spider-man becomes greater.

Trying to complete a run of course usually begins with a collector cataloguing their books and writing down all of the missing numbers in the sequence of issues. They then continue along the journey of visiting comic shops and conventions to try and complete the set.

I have such a list for my personal favourite, the Avengers. That is, I have a list for the first/original series of Avengers which ended with issue 402. Then came volume 2 which ran a mere 13 issues during the whole Heroes Reborn arc followed by a volume 3 which ran 84 issues. Of course, they had to go and change the numbering on the last 4 issues to be 500-503 to coincide with what the actual numbering had been had they not decided to end at 402 and start up 2 more series. Similar treatments were recently given the Hulk and Thor which suddenly celebrated issue "600" even though they were missing many before that in numerical order.

Now, I've always been a "make mine Marvel" guy first but still love many of the DC characters including Superman, Batman and others. The one thing I like about DC is that if you look at a copy of Batman #695, you know you can find all of the numbers between 1 and 694 before that. Same goes for Action Comics and Detective Comics. The same can't be said for my Avengers or Hulk or Thor compliments of Marvel. Of course, this will be compounded now that New Avengers, Dark Avengers, Avengers Initiative and Mighty Avengers are all ending after Siege, to be replaced with two new series once again.

I understand the economics behind ending a series and starting up a new one. However, it would be nice to be able to collect all of the issues, in sequence without having to skip numbers and series.

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