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Artwork And DVD Details For "The Super Hero Squad Show" And Other Related Titles

Marvel Animation Age has received initial details and artwork for the upcoming home video releases of The Super Hero Squad, along with other Marvel Animation titles.
The acclaimed all-ages The Super Hero Squad Show animated series from Marvel Animation will receive two Canadian-exclusive DVD home video releases on May 4th, 2010. The two titles, The Super Hero Squad Show - Volume 1 and The Super Hero Squad Show - Volume 2, will be made available through Marvel Animation and distributor Vivendi Entertainment of Canada. A third DVD release, The Super Hero Squad Show - Volume 3, is also currently slated for a June 29th, 2010 release. Specific details on these three upcoming The Super Hero Squad Canadian releases are currently unavailable, but details are expected shortly. Vivendi Entertainment of Canada has provided Marvel Animation Age with the cover artwork for the first two volume releases.

Both The Super Hero Squad Show - Volume 1 and The Super Hero Squad Show - Volume 1 DVD home video releases, pictured above, will hit shelves on May 4th, 2010.

In further The Super Hero Squad Show home video release news, distributor Shout! Factory has confirmed a July 13th, 2010 for the American home video release of the animated series. Shout! Factory is expected to release further details on the first The Super Hero Squad Show home video DVD release, titled The Super Hero Squad Show - Quest For The Infinity Sword, Volume 1, in the coming weeks. Shout! Factory announced their deal with Marvel Animation to exclusively release The Super Hero Squad Show to American consumers earlier this year.

In additional home video news, a representative for Vivendi Entertainment of Canada has informed Marvel Animation Age that consumers looking to purchase copies of the Canadian Wolverine and The X-Men: The Complete First Season should do so soon. With the closure of Liberation Entertainment Canada, no additional copies of this release will be pressed. Once Liberation Entertainment Canada and Vivendi Entertainment of Canada are out of stock, there will be no additional copies made available. This also includes the individual single-disc Wolverine and the X-Men DVD releases. There is currently no further word on how future Canadian home video releases of Wolverine and the X-Men will be handled.

Lastly, Vivendi Entertainment of Canada has also revealed initial plans to release the upcoming The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes animated series and the Black Panther animated series to DVD home video later this year, along with other titles from the animated Marvel library. Specific details, including titles and content, will be announced later in the year. Stay tuned to Marvel Animation Age for further updates.
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