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The first post for FanArt. Batman 3 poster.
Hey everyone. This is my first ever post! I've just set up to upload some fan art work of my own, but also to see everybody else's. I got the idea looking on some of these sites and seeing a lot of people creating fan based artwork, and thought it'd be cool to see everybody's work together and talk about some of our favourite movies, comics and games.
So here is a quick sketch of a Batman 3 poster. I personaly hope the next film will have some villains we haven't seen before, but as Penguin and Riddler seem to be favourites at the moment, thought I'd try drawing them as I thought Chris Nolan might do them. Riddler's not to difficult, I'd assume he'd just wear a green suit and bowler hat, but the Penguin I thought would work if he was an amrs dealer, working for the gangsters of Gotham. I also thouhgt it'd be more believable if instead of a gentleman the Penguin would be a real nasty gangster, who happens to be a bit short, fat and have a pointy nose.

Dark Victory Sketch by ~mikebunt on deviantART

Anyway who'd you like to see in the next Batman film. Why not make your own poster and post it in the comments below. OR if your not an artistic person just comment below. Wonder how many people will say Black Mask?
2 Yes
0 No

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