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What does Wizards of the Coast have in store for the next year of "Dungeons and Dragons?" Two words... Dark... Sun.
J. "Falcon" Ayers - 8/14/2009

The adventure, the fun, the games! GenCon has begun! Find out what makes it the best four days in gaming!
J. "Falcon" Ayers - 8/14/2009

The guys over at have given us a lovely bit of insight on the upcoming "World of Darkness" pen-and-paper RPG, "Giest: The Sin-Eaters." They were able to sit down and record an interview with contributing writer, Matthew McFarland. Plus, they have new "Giest" quick-start rules available for download.
J. "Falcon" Ayers - 7/19/2009

We are all wondering what White Wolf has up their sleeves with their latest "World of Darkness" table-top RPG entry, "Geist: The Sin-Eaters."
J. "Falcon" Ayers - 5/12/2009

Wizards of the Coast is upping the ante in bringing in new players for 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons.
J. "Falcon" Ayers - 5/6/2009

Game publisher Privateer Press has announced that everyone's favorite lion-adorned giant robot will be coming to their hit minis game!
J. "Falcon" Ayers - 5/4/2009

Board game designer Dr. Lewis Pulsipher talks about the psychological differences between a single player video game and your average board or card game.
J. "Falcon" Ayers - 5/3/2009

And boy are his arms tired! No really. They are!
J. "Falcon" Ayers - 5/3/2009

Check out the latest news from game publisher Z-Man Games.
J. "Falcon" Ayers - 5/3/2009

The guys over at had a chance to catch up with Flying Frog Production's Scott Hill. Find out the latest news on "Last Night on Earth" and why your only hope against the invasion is your local carnival!
J. "Falcon" Ayers - 5/3/2009

Say, is that a tentacle?
J. "Falcon" Ayers - 4/30/2009