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New Halo 3 Maps From Bungie

Bungie's weekly update included some information on what features will be included in the new maps that they're working on.
Bungie's weekly update included some of the features that Bungie will be including in the three new Halo 3 multiplayer maps they're currently working on.

"Maps coming in the nearish future have long since taken shape and are starting to have neat polish items show up, things like decorators, sharper textures and high res lightmaps are gracing us with their presence. Also, weapons, power-ups and equipment are nearing their final (pre-Community Forged) resting places."

"There's a pretty broad variety of lighting on O.K. Corral, from the aforementioned God Rays to dark tunnels, nooks and crevices where much of the illumination comes from the lights on Spartan armor."

"With a bunch of elevated firing platforms, choke points and multiple ways in and out of the respective bases, O.K. Corral will be ideal for Team Slayer, Oddball and Capture the Flag variations."

"Purple Reign, another map, coming in the foreseeable future, isn't asymmetrical at all. It's a brand new, small, arena style map that we hope some of our more competitive-focused players will enjoy."

"It is chock full of weapons suited for mid-to-long range combat and there are long sight lines across the map from both of the somewhat enclosed bases. The bases themselves have one way windows on the second level – much like the windows in a police interrogation room. From inside a base you can see out, but from outside of the base your view is obstructed."

"There are elevated walkways connecting the bases to a two-level structure at the center of the map. These connecting walkways are too tall to jump to from the floor but there are a bunch of small columns dotting the floor plan that you can jump on and then easily hop up to the walkway for a better vantage point or to grab a rifle from the walkways."

They also allude to the third map they're working on, which was mentioned in the previous weekly update: "But I can also guarantee that my all-time favorite ever Halo map will be included too, if yesterday's playtest was anything to go by. A large map with some vaguely familiar features just rocked my world. It was AMAZING fun. Any time I am in an hour long standoff against an equally matched team and it never becomes frustrating, is evidence enough for me that we are onto something special."
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