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Wii Wins Sales Race For December

The Nintendo Wii bested Microsoft's Xbox 360, but supply shortages made it a tight race.
The Wii sold 1.35 million units in the U.S. for December, according to data released Thursday by NPD Group. The Xbox 360 was second, with 1.26 million units.

Sony saw its older console, the PlayStation 2, come in third, with 1.1 million units sold, which beat out the newer, but more expensive, Playstation 3, which sold 798,000 units in the U.S. for December.

"Given the breadth of available content and the price point of the PS2, it's a mass-market-friendly choice and will continue to be an important part of the games ecosystem for several years," Frazier added.

In the U.S. for the entire year (2007), Nintendo sold 6.3 million Wiis, compared with 4.6 million Xbox 360s sold by Microsoft, and 2.6 million PlayStation 3s sold by Sony.

Microsoft was the leader in total dollars spent on hardware, games and accessories, with $4.8 billion spent in 2007 on the Xbox 360 system, software, and accessories. The Wii earned $3.5 billion, and the Playstation 3 brought in $2.2 billion.

In a statement Thursday, Sony noted that PlayStation 3 unit sales were up 60 percent, compared with the same time period last year. This partly due to the fact that the company cut the price of the console prior to the holiday season.

Wii shortages were the big story of the holiday shopping season, but Microsoft also experienced some supply shortages that appear to have affected its numbers, said David Dennis, a Microsoft spokesman. He said the company heard from some retailers that they were sold out of Xbox 360s during the last part of December and early January.
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