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Find out what Hellgate: London's first major update of 2008 will include!
All of the character classes are getting rebalanced, and the first set will be available in this update (Guardia and Evoker). To make the transition easier, Flagship Studios is allowing players to completely respec their characters.

The Dueling Arena will be introduced, giving PvP some more attention. The Dueling Arena will make it easier to duel, as well as track play habits and stats.

The portal to Stonehenge will be open to subscribers. This completely new area will include new items, monsters, and some new ways to play and experience Hellgate: London.

"The Essence Caves are the first of our non-linear style of play. You can repeat this long quest chain multiple times throughout the career of your character as it scales with your character (or party) level. The rewards are rich and many of them are unique to the Stonehenge area."

"The Wild is also a new type of game play since it is focused exclusively on group play. You need big groups to have success out there – and the deeper you get, the harder it gets. It’s time to get your friends together!"

Check out the patch notes to see the complete list of game enhancements, tweaks, and fixes.
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