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Former EA Chicago Manager Heading Up Gears of War 2?

If Kudo Tsunoda is taking over the project lead position for GoW2, where's Cliffy B?
Apparently after the EA Chicago studio was shut down, Microsoft picked up Kudo Tsunoda, who was the General Manager at the time.

The former Fight Night boss has taken a post on Microsoft's Xbox team, where he's now the project lead on an "upcoming Gears of War title," according to GameTap.

Tsunoda is most known for his work on Fight Night and Def Jam series.

Assuming that the news is correct, this could add some credibility to the rumors that Epic will be making an appearance at February's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco with Gears of War 2.

As of yet, Microsoft and Epic have yet to comment on Tsunoda's involvement with the upcoming GoW title.

Now, the big question is this: If Tsunoda is the project lead of Gears of War 2, where in the world is Cliffy B?
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