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Grand Theft Auto To Break Halo 3 Sales Record?

According to one analyst, GTA IV will break the Halo 3 sales record, which topped off at $300 million its first week.
To some this may seem unbeleivable, but the fact that Grand Theft Auto IV will be released on multiple platforms, and not just the Xbox 360, could give it the extra push it needs.

According to analyst Mike Hickey at Janco Partners, GTA IV will sale through five million copies in its first week.

Why will it sell so many copies? The content nature of the game, which includes drunk driving, and strip clubs, as well as the marketing campaign. Hickey believes the viral campaing that Rockstar is using currently is much more affective then the Halo 3 marketing campaign.

"I can almost guarantee they’ll probably outsell Halo 3 in the first year."

While adding an "almost" to a guarantee makes it pretty much worthless, notice has been served, and we'll have to keep our eyes on the sales figures.
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