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SOULSTORM Chaos Lord Details Released

THQ recently released some new information on Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Soulstorm's newest addition to the Chaos Marine ranks, the Chaos Lord.
The Chaos Space Marines are the deadliest and most treacherous warriors in the galaxy. Many thousands of years ago, they betrayed the Emperor and traded their souls to the dark powers. Now they rage against the Imperium out of spite, and fight only to appease their dark gods. Such is the price of this unholy alliance.

The Chaos Space Marines are led by the Chaos Lord Girraveus Carron. Born a man, but twisted by the nether gods of the warp; this Chaos Lord seeks neither redemption, nor peace. He seeks only blood and revenge. Carron has led the forces of Chaos to Kaurava to bathe the planet in blood and suffering. A true disciple of Chaos, Girraveus Carron revels in cruelty and underhanded tactics. He plans to unleash both in his quest to conquer the Kaurava star system. Regardless of who comes out the victor of this war, all will feel the wrath and power of Chaos!

The Chaos gods have set aside several dark relics to help Girraveus Carron in his quest to crush the Kaurava system. The player can earn these relics while conquering the planet of Kaurava.

To learn more about the Chaos Lord, including information about some of his weapons, head over to
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