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SOULSTORM Space Marine Commander Details Released

THQ has followed up the release of the Chaos Lord details with new details on the Space Marine Commander.
The Space Marines have turned war into a science, and killing into an art. Their relentless pursuit of war has honed their skills over the centuries, and countless battles and countless victories have forged the Space Marines into warriors of unimaginable strength. Their duty is to enforce the will of the Emperor, and to crush his foes without mercy. The Space Marines are truly one of the deadliest races on Dawn of War in the hands of a capable player.

The Space Marine campaign centers around Brother-Captain Indrick Boreale, and his quest to lead five Blood Raven companies to victory. The Imperium has ordered Boreale into a new theatre of combat, the Kaurava system. This system has often been plagued by war in the past, and will once again be visited by conflict. Although many forces fight over this world for their own reasons; the Space Marines imperative is quite clear; they are to stamp out heresy, corruption, and all enemies of the Imperium. Boreale’s duty is to make sure that the Space Marines crush all who defy the Emperor. This mission is his purpose in life, and his greatest honor.

To read more about the Space Marine Commander, including relics, weapons, etc, head over to
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