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SOULSTORM Air Unit Details Released

THQ recently released some details for some of the Ork and Tau air units.
Ork Fighta-Bommer

The Ork Fighta-Bommer is a deadly low-flying aircraft that can strafe those that fly against it. While the many aircraft simply fight over dominion of the skies, the Ork Fighta-Bommer can also drop lethal bombs on ground units unfortunate enough to find themselves below one of these flying catastrophes. The Fighta-Bommerz’ crude looks belie their sturdy construction and their ability to unleash immense firepower.

These aircraft are piloted by Ork Flyboys, the most fanatical members of the Ork Kult of Speed. Their insatiable need for speed causes them to send the plane into reckless and near-suicidal dives that often mystify even the most experienced enemy pilots. This recklessness makes them some of the most frustrating and unpredictable pilots the Imperium has to face!

Tau Barracuda

The Tau Barracuda is a deadly interceptor that is designed to rule the skies, and strike fear into the hearts of enemy pilots. The Tau Barracuda is not the fastest interceptor in the skies, but it is one of the most maneuverable, and is also one of the most numerous (the Tau invest heavily in the Barracuda, believing that air superiority is the key to victory).

The Tau pilots themselves also provide an advantage..The Tau are divided into four castes: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The Air Caste spend almost all of their time in space and on orbital platforms, and are at home in a zero-gravity environment. They have existed in this state for so many generations, that their physical traits have adapted to their extreme environment. As a result, the Air Caste has a deep, inherent understanding of three dimensional movement (far more than can be grasped by a mere planet-dweller.)

To read more about these units, including armaments, performance, etc, head over to the full write-up at
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