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Tau Commander Details Released

THQ just recently released details on the Tau Commander unit for Dawn of War Soulstorm.
The Tau believe their destiny is to conquer the galaxy and rule it for the benefit of the Greater Good. As the Tau triumph over one civilization after another in the name of the Greater Good, their beliefs in their ideals strengthen, and their tactics become more effective. They do not consider themselves enslavers of races; in their eyes, they are their saviors. The youngest of the establish races, the Tau may seem like the least likely candidate to start a war; but their early successes at conquering a small portion of the galaxy have emboldened this diplomatic yet deadly race.

With the emergence of a newly formed warp storm, the Tau Empire has used the appearance of this anomaly to establish a permanent base in the Kaurava system to study the natural phenomena. Conveniently, various races have also established a foothold in the system; various races that the Tau Empire has always had an eye on defeating.

Sent to oversee this most recent expansion of the Tau Empire is Commander Or’es’Ka. He arrives charged with three duties: contain the warp storm, construct the Nan Yanoi moon military base; and lastly, prepare Kaurava for full-scale colonization. While the first two tasks were quickly completed with the help of the Earth caste, the colonization of Kaurava has yet to be completed and will involve the sacrifice of many lives (all for the Greater Good, of course).

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