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SOULSTORM Ork Warboss Details

THQ just released some details today for the Ork Warboss unit for Dawn of War Soulstorm.
It is natural to dismiss the Ork as a real threat due to their lack of intelligence, but what they are missing in the thinkin’ department, they make up for in the smashin’ one! The Ork, a proud race of gnashing, fighting brutes have long desired to crush their enemies under their metal boots once and for all, and to win the fight for Kaurava! While other races have come to Kaurava to investigate their own matters, the Orks see this as the perfect opportunity to get some fightin’ done, and to test their mettle against the other races of the galaxy.

Led by their enigmatic leader Gorgutz, the Ork Boyz have a newfound sense of tactics under the twitching mechanical eye of this savvy veteran. Gorgutz has faced the major threats in the galaxy many times before, and his victory this time around will not be denied. While pillaging system after system within the galaxy, Gorgutz has picked up a few tricks, and he is planning on something mighty special for anyone who is foolish enough to enter his domain on Kaurava II – WAAAGH!

Deep within the Rokclaw Mountains, the Ork fortress is seemingly impenetrable. Its single entrance is guarded by throngs of Ork Boyz, Shootaz, Big Shootaz, and enough WAAAGH! banners to ensure any battle to take this keep will be a long and bloody one. Not one to hide behind defense, Gorgutz can always be found taking the fight to his enemies, feeding his innate urge to beat up anything that moves. Gorgutz may have suffered some setbacks in the past; but this time around things will be different, and Gorgutz won’t be leavin’ Kaurava till the job is done.

Busy as always, the Ork Mekboyz have been creating some new gear for Gorgutz to help him smash his enemies into a nice pulpy mush. One such item, the Megabooster, gives Gorgutz an enormous speed advantage. This allows him to close the gap with his enemies, and to get smashin’ fast. Wise men have often said: "The only thing more terrifying than a cybernetically enhanced Ork is a cybernetically enhanced Ork charging at you at enormous speeds." With the addition of the Megabooster, Gorgutz can finally make this horrifying vision a reality.
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