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THQ recently released details on the Necron Lord, Imperial Guard Commander, and the Eldar Farseer, rounding out the information for the various commanders available in Soulstorm.
Eldar Farseer
A great threat looms above Kaurava. This threat has not yet been realized, but the threat was set in motion by unseen eddies and currents within the stream of time that only Eldar can peer into and discern. A dark ripple is coming to claim an untold number of lives; and bring unimaginable horror to the Kaurava system, but luckily Farseer Caerys will be there to guide the armies of Craftworld Ulthwe out of danger; and hopefully strike a blow to the enemies of the Eldar as they drown in their ignorance. It has always been a charge of the Farseer to allow her enemies to destroy themselves; but this new evil brings stakes that are far too high to trifle with, and the younger races cannot be relied on to solve this threat with their own devices.

Imperial Guard Commander
Controlling the 252nd Kaurava Conservator Regiment is the newly appointed General Vance Stubbs. As a leader, General Vance is as ruthlessly obstinate with his own men as he is with those that they fight. To be lax about expectations, is to invite defeat; so to reassert the Imperial Guard’s right to rule the Kaurava System, Stubbs will demand nothing but the utmost of strength and valiancy from his men.

The Necron Lord
Be afraid, mortals, for the servants of the Old Gods return.

For millions upon millions of years, the Necrons have lain deep within the sands of Kaurava III. Those that try to explain their existence commonly have mistaken their dormancy as sleep, but Necrons never sleep, for sleep is for the weak. Sleep is for the flesh. Far below the surface of Kaurava III the Necrons have simply waited, with lidless eyes, staring into the blackness of the forever sands; watching for a sign, a stir, a reason to rise yet again.

Head over to to read the full release (it's quite long).
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