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Soulstorm Eldar Nightwing And Marauder Bomber Details

THQ just released details on the Eldar air units available in Warhammer 40K Soulstorm.
Eldar Nightwing

Despised by the enemy of the Eldar, the primary purpose of these beautifully crafted machines is to act as an aircraft interceptor. Armed with both speed, and vicious firepower, the Nightwing is definitely a force to be reckoned with, for enemies on both land and in air. Like the Eldar themselves, the Nightwing was built with speed and maneuverability as its primary concern. Able to outrun heavy gunships, the Nightwing would rather avoid damage altogether than armor itself properly to take direct hits from air to air missiles. Although the Nightwing may be less durable, its excessive speed allows it to outrun any possible damage. Luckily for the Eldar ground forces, and thus unluckily for their enemies, this also means that the Nightwing has the capability of arriving at any part of the battlefield without a given notice. It is within these timely arrivals that help turn the tide of battle to the Eldar’s favor; it is with these timely arrivals that the Nightwing rightly finds its place within the Eldar battle plan.

Marauder Bomber

The Marauder Bomber is a staple on the battlefield for any Imperial Guard offensive. With its capable single unit targeting weapons and massively effective carpet bombing abilities, any forward push would be made tragically inefficient without the use of the Marauder.

The bomber comes equipped with heavy bolters for ground attack and lascannons for fighting enemy aircraft. With these the Marauder can be transformed into a unit capable of causing a massive standoff for any encroaching horde. At the very least, the Marauder will now have the capability of trimming down the horde to a reasonable size before they saunter bloody and weak into your encampment.

Click here to for more information, including the vital stats, and equipment for the two air units, and be sure to check out's Soulstorm area to learn about some of the other races and vehicles available.
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