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Soulstorm Essence of the Deceiver

Details on the new Necron unit for Dawn of War Soulstorm.
The Necrons' new unit isn't an air unit (we used an existing unit for their air unit). No, the new unit for the Necrons is much more powerful. The Necrons now have the ability to call on the power of one of their gods (known to mere mortals as "The Deceiver") to utterly annihilate their opponents on the battlefield.

Those of you that played Dark Crusade already know that the Necron Lord (the Necron hero unit for those of you new to the franchise) can research an ability called Essence of the Nightbringer. This research gives him an ability that allows him to temporarily take on the form of The Nightbringer, one of the Necron gods.

Players that purchase Soulstorm will now have access to a second research called Essence of the Deceiver. This research will allow the Necron Lord to temporarily take on the form of The Deceiver, another of the Necron gods. What makes this feature especially cool is the fact that the two researches are mutually exclusive. If you research Essence of the Deceiver, you can't research Essence of the Nightbringer (and vice versa). This will allow you to make a conscious decision of how you want to tailor the Necron Lord to deal with your enemies.

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