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Exclusive Characters And Alternate Costumes Revealed

Capcom actually let the fans pick the alternate costumes for the upcoming Western release of We Love Golf!
Official Capcom Press Release:

Hi guys,

We Love Golf!'s release is steadily approaching soon and in addition to the Wii-tastic golf action, one of the really fun things about We Love Golf is the alternate Capcom costumes for the characters. When we heard the team was adding two new characters for the upcoming Western release of the game, we asked "why not ask our fans to pick their alternate costumes?"

As it turns out, everybody at Capcom had lots of extremely good reasons why this was a terrible idea. But then we did it anyway!

For the female character, your choices for the alternate costumes were Cammy (Street Fighter), Morrigan (Darkstalkers), Rouge (Power Stone), Roll Caskett (Mega Man Legends), and Ashley Graham (Resident Evil). For the men, the options were Frank West (Dead Rising), Balrog (Street Fighter boxer), Guy (Final Fight), Ken (Street Fighter), Dhalsim (Street Fighter), and Captain Commando (from, um, Captain Commando).

Today we're proud to announce the fans' choices: Darkstalkers' own Morrigan, and Street Fighter's Ken! Morrigan's outfit is available as Stephanie's alternate costume, and you'll find Ken's red gi on Mark, giving us our first African-American incarnation of Ken Masters!

Thanks to everyone who voted for making this a ton of fun and adding some great surprises to the game.


Tim and the Capcom PR team
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