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Dead Space Early Impressions has received their review copy of Dead Space, and have posted their initial impressions of the game!
We just received our review copy of Dead Space from EA, and couldn't wait to get our hands dirty!

The problem? It was already getting dark outside! We've been covering Dead Space for quite a while, and even after all or our research, screenshots, videos, and even an exclusive Dead Space interview with Chuck Beaver, the senior producer of Dead Space, we weren't prepared for what awaited us in that little green case.

So far we're in love with this game! It looks amazing, sounds amazing, and plays great. The "strategic dismemberment" took a minute or two to get familiar with ... We totally forgot about it in our first "encounter" with the crew of the ship.

This does bring us to our one issue in the game so far ... Once you start getting the hang of dispatching one "form" of the alien crew, they drop a new one on you! At first it's easy: "Hey, I'll just blow the legs off this guy, and then his arms!", but then they drop one on you that has no legs, and scare the crap out of you! Some people might consider this a bonus, and great game design ... our undergarments wholeheartedly disagree!

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