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First Downloadable Content For Dead Space Hits Xbox LIVE!

We've found that two new items are up for grabs on Xbox LIVE! Marketplace for Dead Space, and you'll want to hurry and grab them!
We happened to be checking out the downloadable content for Dead Space, and happened upon two new items after the "standard fair" of typical game DLC (trailers, Xbox 360 themes, etc) that weren't there the day before.

The first one is an "Elite" level 5 rig/suit for Isaac Clarke. It's listed at 200 Microsoft points, and will give you better armor and more inventory slots.

The other one, which you'll want to grab fast is another "Elite" level 5 rig/suite. Initially not a big deal, but when you read the description you'll find that it's exclusively for Xbox 360, features a special skin (green faceplate), AND IT'S FREE!

Needless to say we grabbed ours right away, and headed for the nearest store to put it on. The nice part? It doesn't cost any in-game credits to equip the new suit!
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