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Godfather II Review

Chances are that if you're a fan of the Godfather films, you'll like the new Godfather II video game.
Inspired by the events of the classic film of the same name, in The Godfather II players take on the role of Dominic Corleone, a little-known member of the Corleone crime family tasked with rebuilding the once dominant, but now faltering mafia empire. Set in an open-world gameplay universe, players must maintain and develop the Corleone crime family's resources using every and all means available if they hope in the end to prevail in the ultimate challenge, to act like a mobster, but think like a Don.

The game begins on the eve of the Cuban revolution, a major mob meeting in Havana takes a bloody turn. The Don of your family is killed in Cuba, leaving it to you to take the reigns and lead your battered organization and reestablish the Corleone powerbase in Queens. Success breeds opportunity: after you've proven you have the chops to run a top-tier crime organization, Hyman Roth invites you to expand and support him in South Florida. Do you accept his offer or do you remain loyal to the Corleones? Things get even more complicated when Michael Corleone comes under investigation by a Senate Committee on Organized Crime, and you're tapped to run the Family with support from Tom Hagen. Decisions, decisions...

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Whatever decisions you make, you must build up your arsenal, command your crew, and establish and maintain power... or face the consequences. Stack your pockets with favors from those in positions of influence as you fight off attacks and strike back at your rivals.

When it comes down to it, this game is for fans of the Godfather movie franchise and want to be the boss/Don. Godfather rackets businesses in New York, Florida and Cuba. Some of these include chop shops, diamond smuggling and adult entertainment.

The game isn't hard, but fun for godfather fans. It's REALLy easy. You have to literally TRY to get killed to fail. The AI just doesn't provide much of a challenge.
At roughly 10 hours from start to finish for the single-player mode, it's not a very long game either.

The weapons are old school, mostly due to the fact that the game takes place during the 60's. The game's not so much about the weapons as it is about picking the men for your crew, building their attributes up defending, killing, bombing and taking down other families businesses and the families themselves.

Gameplay is comparable to GTA, but with older weapons and the Godfather story as the backdrop.

The multiplayer is fairly generic... While you do get to play with your crime family, they lose most of their uniqueness when you hit multiplayer mode. Even though it includes the new "Don's View", where you are able to coordinate all the action using a 3D world map: survey your turf, place defenses on businesses, analyze crime patterns, identify new illicit racket monopolies, and choose the target of your next attack, the multiplayer pretty much turns into an average 3rd-person shooter.

Overall we give it a 7 out of 10, mostly because we're big Godfather fans. While fun to play, especially for fans of the Godfather films, the graphics are just average and there's not much replay value.
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