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X-Men: Second Coming

The FINAL event in the MESSIAH trilogy.
Second Coming will be the FINAL part of a trilogy of stories that began with MESSIAH COMPLEX and continued in MESSIAH WAR. Intended as a conclusion to Cable's efforts to save Hope from Bishop, who has hunted the so called Mutant Messiah since her birth, the series also builds on the Utopia, Nation X and Necrosha 2009 storylines in the X-Men books.

The story centers on the return of Cable and Hope Summers to the present day and Bastion's final campaign to destroy the X-Men.
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What follows is the Complete CHECKLIST:

March 2010

Chapter 1: X-Men: Second Coming #1

April 2010

Chapter 2: Uncanny X-Men #523
Chapter 3: New Mutants #12
Chapter 4: X-Men: Legacy #235
Chapter 5: X-Force #26

May 2010

Chapter 6: Uncanny X-Men #524
Chapter 7: New Mutants #13
Chapter 8: X-Men: Legacy #236
Chapter 9: X-Force #27

June 2010

Chapter 10: Uncanny X-Men #525
Chapter 11: New Mutants #14
Chapter 12: X-Men: Legacy #237
Chapter 13: X-Force #28

July 2010

Chapter 14: X-Men: Second Coming Finale

But that's NOT all, folks..Here is a little teaser image for
what is to come AFTER this storyline.

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