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Exclusive Interview: Christopher Judge Talks New Television Series

The actor says his new show will be very dark.
Christopher Judge was at StarFest in Denver, Colorado this past weekend. I got a chance to catch up with the actor Sunday, early afternoon which was still a little too early for Chris at that point. The gracious actor worked very hard at the convention and played very hard at night as well.

Judge is best known for his role as the alien, Teal'c on Stargate SG-1. He had the entire audience enthralled at his Q & A session and works the room like a seasoned comedian. I was fortunate enough to get some time with him and it went quickly. In this clip we discussed any future Stargate movies and his new upcoming series called Rage of Angels. It is about the Archangel Gabriel, who comes to Earth to herald the rest of his angels to begin Armageddon.

Chris doesn't pull any punches here, so there is "adult language and themes" discussed in the video.

I asked him the possibility of another Stargate movie. Chris said all the actors are signed on for another but after the financial crisis stalled things, time has passed "and now the timing of it, I don't know how they'd ever get everybody back together again other than throwing heaps of money at us"[deadpans at camera]

Judge has written the pilot episode for the new Starz series, Rage of Angels, and he is still working on the "bible for the series". After telling me the premise of the show, he made sure to touch base on why this was different from other movies or series involving angels:

"The portrayal of angels, one of the things that's most oft missed is that when angels take human form, they should be subject to all the temptations we are subject to"

"So if you don't have that burden
[your soul having to answer for something], what keeps you from doing whatever the f*** you want to do; nothing"

They hope to be shooting the series this Fall and Starz has told him to do whatever he wants and to "make it darker". In the mean time, Judge will be working on a remake of The Saint. To check out Christopher's portrayals of superheroes, past and future, head over to my site, The Dog Pound , at
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