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Exclusive Interview: Vincenzo Natali on "Splice"

The director talks about his upcoming movie Splice: "It is a movie that is about finding the humanity in the monster and the monster in the humans. The scientists who create this creature become quite monstrous."
I had the opportunity to catch up with Vincenzo Natali at Denver's StarFest Convention. You might not have heard of Vincenzo Natali, yet. The independent movie maker is coming out with his first big release film. It is called Splice and was picked up by Warner Brothers at Sundance. The movie, which is getting rave initial reviews, is being labeled as a horror film but it is much more than that. To get an idea, here is the trailer.

Now, for the interview in which Natali affectionately says "I like to call "Splice" my family film."

In the filmmaker's words Splice is about:
"It's about a couple of geneticists who create hybrid organisms by splicing DNA from different species and, covertly, they decide to add human DNA to the mix. And they make this creature which eventually becomes like a child for them and, uh, things get very strange."

This is a movie that has a very subversive nature to the material. I asked him if he pushed the envelope, both ethically and sexually.
"I hope I pushed it. I really wanted to push the envelope"

"It goes into, I think, a terrain that hasn't been explored a lot in film. That, specifically, is this sort of love triangle that forms between the scientists and the creature that they make and it goes pretty far"

Joel Silver, with Warner Bros. backing him, picked this up at Sundance which is something he very rarely does. Splice hits theaters on June 4th. It stars Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley.

An early review of the film by Bloody Disgusting's website remarked that the film is "Loaded with genre moments both simply gory and admirably intense, Splice is a powerfully brazen re-telling of an oft-told tale, but in the hands of some filmmakers who actually have some salient points to make among their horrors (both recycled and unique), it still works alarmingly well."
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