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Exclusive Interview With Director Vincenzo Natali: Part 2

The director has two very diverse projects in the works.
Vincenzo Natali sat down with me recently to talk about movies. He has an upcoming movie called Splice that looks amazing. You can check out that interview by clicking HERE. I also got the opportunity to talk to him about two other projects he is working on: Tunnels and High Rise. Both will be adaptations from acclaimed novels. Here is a brief synopsis for both followed by my interview.

This is a children’s science fiction, fantasy and adventure story is the debut novel of co-authors Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams. The first book in an intended series, it follows 14 year-old archaeologist Will Burrows who discovers a hidden city beneath the streets of Highfield, a fictitious London borough. However, many revelations and horrors await him in the subterranean world, ruled by the merciless Styx, who harbour a deep hatred for everyone who lives above ground, referring to them as Topsoilers.

High Rise
Powered by sun and earth, designed by the greatest architectural visionary of the new millennium, Elysium Tower,a glistening vertical city, is a self contained world. A world of commerce, cuisine and entertainment, featuring restaurants, swimming pools, libraries, cinemas, even a research hospital. It is not just the tallest and most technologically advanced work of modern architecture, but one that embodies the world’s highest aspirations.

Dr. Robert Laing, a new arrival, settles in and adjusts to this hermetic life. But before long he becomes aware of something unsettling in the building. In an escalating atmosphere of unrest the residents break into tribal factions. Life in the high-rise begins to degenerate quickly, as minor power failures and petty annoyances over neighbors escalate into an orgy of violence. Laing watches in horror as the myth of a Utopian society is shattered.

The filmmaker points out that Tunnels demographic is "definitely a younger audience than Splice". The series has released three books so far with a fourth due out later this year. Natali plans on doing one film per book.
"Its a tremendous opportunity for me because it really is a larger canvas than I've ever had to work with before."

Fantasy Fiction for young readers has exploded after the success of book and film series such as Harry Potter and Twilight. The Tunnels series is growing by leaps and bounds in popularity and is gaining worldwide exposure. It is new ground for Natali.
"There are things that are similar but there's nothing quite like it. I've never seen that world depicted before."

I am not sure how soon we will see the big screen adaptation of J.G. Ballard's High Rise but Natali has been working on it for some time.
"People have been trying to make it for years. I'm very honored to have an opportunity to take a crack at it."

Other than Crash, not many of Ballard's works have been translated into film. The movie would require some larger special effects. "We would design the building", noted Natali. "That's a big part of it." The premise of the book sounded very interesting to Natali.
"It's crazy, I call it a social disaster film. It goes further than 'Splice', let me put it that way."

Mr. Natali has a bright future ahead of him. We also discussed the possibility of him making Swamp Thing. For that part of the interview, head over to
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