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Afro Samurai Fan Cast

This is a Afro Samurai Fan Cast with the combination of Afro Samurai The Movie, and Afro Samurai Resurrection this is not his origin story.
This is the Afro Samurai comic book, Volumes 1 and 2



Afro Samurai The Movie


The RZA provided Afro with the Soundtrack


And Finally Afro Samurai: Resurrection


The RZA provided the Soundtrack for the sequel


Afro Samurai overview

In a futuristic yet feudal Japan, it is said that the one who wields the Number 1 headband is the strongest fighter in the world and shall posses godlike powers. The only way to obtain the Number 1 headband is to challenge and defeat him in combat. However, only the Number 2 can challenge the Number 1, the Number 3 can challenge the Number 2 and so on through 25, thus ranking the 25 strongest warriors in the world.

Justice, the owner of the No. 2 headband, goes to fight the owner of the No. 1 headband, Rokutaro "Afro's Father" The two battle, ending with Justice decapitating Rokutaro and claming his headband. Rokutaro's head rolls in front of his son, a young boy named Afro, as he sobs and vows revenge.

Now an adult, Afro Samurai is the current No. 2 and a master swordsman. He travels Japan trying to make his way to the mountain-top keep where Justice awaits. As he makes his way to Justice, he recalls his journey from a frightened young boy to a master samurai. Along the way, many people challenge Afro for his headband, including the "Empty Seven Clan" who send various agents, including a robotic Afro, to kill him throughout his travels. He is also being hunted by his vengeful childhood friend Jinno, who was long thought to be dead. Afro eventually defeats his enemies, Jinno, and confronts Justice, whom he defeats and takes the No. 1 headband from.

Afro decides to live in the mountains once again, when Jinno, adorned with every headband in existence, confronts Afro for the No. 1 band and his revenge.

Btw: This is my Favorite Series ever..Thanks to Wikipedia

This was the Hardest casting.. Denzel Washington is


The Book of Eli nuff said.. Don't say type casting who elese would you want??

Afro's Father: Rokutaro


The Combination of Denzel and Hollywood his Father's parts can be also dreams etc.. Denzel can do both..

Sam Jackson is


Who elese???

Ron Pearlman is


The holder of the Number One headband for most of season one, Justice is the man who killed Afro's father before his eyes many years ago and told Afro to challenge him when he was ready. He is a remarkably skilled gunman, dressing in a cowboy garb with the Number One headband tied around his wide-brimmed hat.

Afro kill's him for The Number 1 headband and for his father death.. He would only be seen in Dreams,Flashbacks etc..

Rick Yune is


Rick Yune has been seen in

The Fast and the Furious "Johnny Tran"
Ninja Assassin "Takeshi"

Jinnosuke "Kuma"

A swordsman who wears a cybernetic teddy bear mask, the same design as Otsuru's teddy bear from their time as children in their dojo, earning him the nickname "Kuma," which means "Bear" in Japanese. He wears black keikogi and hakama, and his geta sandals have toe straps made of metal instead of cloth. Jinnosuke possesses great skill in wielding twin blades and is an old friend of Afro from his days at the dojo.

Kelly Hu is


Sio is Kuma's blood sister who arrives in part two, "Afro Samurai Resurrection." She convinces Kuma to try to kill Afro, but in the end Kuma realizes that he is really Jinnosuke and not Kuma and that he must defend his "brother" of the sword, Afro. Sio is Jinno's blood sister unlike Otsuru, who is related to Jinno the way Afro is, by a bond stronger than blood.

Sio 3 henchmen

Bin,Michael,and Tomoe they are Dharman creations..


Lucy Lu is


Otsuru is a young woman who specializes in the art of healing. Otsuru is an excellent cook and adores fireworks.

Brian Cox is


Dharman is an insane cyborg scientist employed by the Empty Seven Clan to build their machine-ninja army and the Afro Droid.

And you Have Cyborg Afro created by Dharman


2 Yes
0 No

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