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DC Comic Legend Dick Giordano has passed away..

Dick Giordano Legendary DC Comic dies at the age of 77.
Dick Giordano has passed away at the age of 77 (1932 - 2010). He began working at DC as an editor, his popularity rose when he inked Neal Adams' run of Batman and classic Green Arrow\Green Lantern team-up's in the 70's. Giordano also inked the First inter-company cross-over - The Amazing Spiderman vs Superman - in 1978,and he also inked Adams very unconventional Superman vs. Muhammad Ali that same year.

During the 70's Giordano worked with Neal Adams at Continuity Studios where he worked with young writers and artist's before returning to DC in 1980 to bring a new creativity to the company. Giordano was responsible for bringing characters from Charlton Comics, where he was editor-in-chief, over to DC Comics, which led to the creation of the Watchmen mini-series. As an artist he was responsible for 80's event Crisis on Infinite Earths.

He was hired to reinvent Superman and inked John Byrnes run of The Man Of Steel FYI{The series Chris Nolan and company will be using for the The Man of Steel Movie}. Giordano's monthly editorial column "Meanwhile..." ran in most DC Comics during the the '80s as well. Giordano semi-retired in 1993 but appeared from time to time, such as the launch of the short-lived Future Comics with David Michelinie and Bob Layton. He is the reason for alot of our comics and childhood memories. May he rest in peace.
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