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Russell Crowe Talks Robin Hood

The star reveals what it was like filming the battle scenes and more...
Russell Crowe takes his job seriously but he definitely had some fears while filming some of Robin Hood's more intricate fight scenes:

“It’s scary stuff. We had 15 people carried off the battle field at one point. One guy got his eye poked out with a pike. Another guy broke an arm and a leg falling off a horse. A number of other people had their wills broken because it was violent and anarchic. Totally crazy."

“The scale of it is enormous. We had 130 horses doing a full-speed gallop charge into 600 guys on the ground. Every man on a horse did half-a-dozen fight moves before spinning around and coming back. It can all go south very quickly.”

The actor also wanted to make sure the film has some historical accuracies"

“I don’t wear tights because according to our research they weren’t invented for another 300 years,”

“I apologize for that but I do have a rather nice pair of snazzy leather pants with a nice codpiece at the front.”

Along with Russell Crowe playing the title character, Robin Hood boasts an all-star cast which is bound to stun any audience, including Mark Strong (Sir Godfrey) Cate Blancett (Maid Marian), Matthew MacFadyen (Sheriff of Nottingham), Kevin Durand (Little John), and William Hurt (William Marshall). Crowe is also re-teaming with director Ridley Scott (Gladiator). The film premieres May 14.
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