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New Wonder Woman Comic will be horror?

The impression that the new Wonder Woman comic -- which is part of the New 52 from DC -- will be more horror-oriented than the title has ever been before. What could this mean for Wonder Women? Find out!

In an interview with Brian Azzarello, the head writter for Dc's new 52 Wonder Woman, coventrytelegraph got an exclusive interview in which he describes a little bit about what the next Wonder Woman will be like. When Asks about continuity he stated

"Actually I can't do whatever I want,I'll tell you this though, the first issue's all done and we're running right up to the edge, as far as what we can get away with. We're pushing the envelope with this one. I firmly believe that that's what this character needs right now. I can only speak for myself, were doing a soft reboot, we're not getting rid of her history or anything like that."

What really made things interesting is his opinion on Wonder Woman's pants and that this new Wonder Women serious could be compared to a horror book.

"People need to relax, she's not wearing pants. But it's not going to be a superhero book. I can guarantee you that, it's not a superhero book. It's a horror book."
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Wonder Woman + horror, not sounding all that great but i will give it a shot.
Number1Wolverine - 9/1/2011, 7:53 PM
Hello ! it's really awesome comic :)

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Daisy22 - 3/27/2017, 2:18 AM
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