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Lucas Till talks "X-Men First Class Friday"

The actor who once was in a Taylor Swift music video and then moved to playing Havoc in X-Men: First Class speaks out about 'First Class Friday' and what he would like to see from his character in a potential sequel!
Thanks to Coming Soon and Superhero Hype we have received a interview with X-Men First Class actor, Lucas Till who plays one of the members of the X-Men, Havoc. He sat down with them and spoke out about the DVD and Blu-Ray release of 'First Class' this Friday while 'First Class Friday' is currently going on and what he would like to see in a sequel.

At the time, I auditioned a number of times. I didn’t feel like I was going to get the role at any point,” he said, painting a picture of the secrecy revolving around the film during pre-production, “then I found out what the movie was about. They would give us generic sides, our characters were re-named, but it was obvious what we were auditioning for. We were not allowed to read the script. McAvoy told me he was only given a few pages at a time. We weren’t allowed to read anything, which I understand why. Auditioning for Havok was the coolest thing to me.

He then added:

There was guy whose sole job was to keep us update. He gave me this binder and he was very well-versed [in comics] and he had a personality to match,” Till laughed. “He was the comic book guy, but with an accent. I’m serious. He gave us these comics and my first exposure to Havok was him with Abdol, the Living Monolith. My favorite arc though was Vulcan, because Vulcan’s story was cool itself, I love revenge stories. But then, Havok comes in to try and stop him.

and then he went on to talk about what he'd like to see in a X-Men sequel!

I always try to plan things out," he said, "but they never work out the way I expect. They work out better than I expected, so I’m going to say there are a lot of different things they could do. I’m more excited about what they could do with the movie, there’s so much history and events they could work into. I’m curious. One little thing I’d like to do in the sequel is I’d like to see Hank make me some gauntlets to shoot out of my hands so I don’t have to sit in a constipated position or do hula hoop movements in the next one, although it did look pretty cool. Those are my little notes.
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