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What's next for Rob Zombie? You can help decide!

The unique director wants you help to decide which movie should be his next project
The very eclectic Rob Zombie is trying to decide what his next project should be. It was rumored a while back that he would be working on a remake of the cult-horror flick "The Blob," but it sounds as though that may not be the case. He's got several choices up his sleeve:

1- "Werewolf Women of the SS": Based on the two minute trailer of the same name that was used in the film "Grindhouse." Another of the famed trailers, "Machete," is currently in post-production.

2- "The Blob": As I mentioned earlier, this is a remake of the 1980's cult favorite film of the same name. Needless to say, Zombie would definitely add a unique flare to this film. It'd be interesting to see this one unfold.

3- "Tyrannosaurus Rex": For those expecting a Zombie-ized version of Jurassic will be quite disappointed. This is an original film thats is based on a prized fighter who spends 15 years behind bars and when released, finds his world and life in turmoil. He turns to under-ground fighting to help manage his anger. He promises that although this won't be a horror film when it's made, but it will maintain the dark nature that Zombie is known for.

4- "The Devil's Rejects 2": This seems to be high on the list of most fans and most are comping at the bit to see the director dive back into the world of the Firefly clan.

I'd like to see the "Werewolf Women of the SS" film, as it just sounds like a very entertaining idea, as does the "Tyrannosaurus Rex" film. Click the link below to read the entire article.
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