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The Crow Reboot is Still Moving Forward

Shooting locations have been found and an offer out to a "Major Actor"
Director Stephen Norrington's reboot of "The Crow" has been in production for some time now, but producer Edward Pressman sat down with MTV News to talk about the status of the film:

"Norrington's screenplay is finished and, apparently, "terrific." After collaborating on some illustrations with "Avatar" production designer Rob Stromberg — illustrations that are "quite different from Alex Proyas' approach with the original 'Crow,'" Pressman said — Norrington's vision is inching much closer to reality, with casting announcements on the way and filming beginning this year."

The film will be much different from the original, but will carry over the the "grittyness" of the Brandon Lee starring film. That seems to be the end of the similarities however.

The producer also goes on saying that the Crow itself will actually play a much larger part in the film; it will be a creature, not just a bird. It will have personality and character.

As for locations, the film takes place in two general areas: Arizona/Mexico as well as a mid-west city, like Detroit or Chicago. The film will begin in the desert location, jump over to the urban setting then back to the desert again.

Pressman goes on to say that they have an offer out to a "Major Star" for the lead role of the film, but would not go into any further detail.

Shooting for "The Crow" reboot begins this year and has yet to set a release date, but is expected sometime in late 2011.

ecksmanfan: I'm torn on this one, because I'm a big fan of the original film (the subsequent sequels left something to be desired, however). But this sounds like a very interesting concept and idea. I guess we'll have to keep an eye on this one to see how it progresses.
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