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Could a sequel to Beetlejuice be in the works? Keaton & Davis hope so!

Two of the stars from the popular 80's films have expressed interest in a second Beetlejuice film. Could it happen?
Rumors of a sequel to Beetlejuice have been floating around for years, not to mention a script that was commissioned, entitled "Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian," but alas, nothing has ever come to fruition.

In a recent interview with, Geena Davis stated that'd she'd be thrilled to do another film, but has not heard anything recently about a sequel.
She also joked about whether or not ghosts aged:

Thing is, do ghosts age? Wouldn't we be stuck in the age we were? Alec [Baldwin] and I would have to look as we did then - who knows, maybe we could? I better get in touch with Tim Burton".

In a separate interview with Moviehole, the topic was brought up to Michael Keeton, here is his response:

"Oh I'd do that in a heartbeat. Absolutely, that's the one thing I'd love to do again...That's the only one I'd love to do."

ecksmanfan: I'm all for a sequel to this film, as long as it's the original group in the film. And no Beetlejuice on the beaches of Hawaii. I hope this goes somewhere!
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