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Charles Grodin and De Niro Re-teaming for Midnight Run Sequel...Maybe

De Niro is set to return, but Grodin is still being courted to join the cast.
Charles Grodin has been missing from the big screen for quite some time, as he took time off to raise and spend time with his family. Well, now it's over 15 years later and there's talk of him returning to the sequel to "Midnight Run."

Robert De Niro is set to return, as well as produce, and there is also talk of bringing in George Gallo who wrote the original film. The last we saw of Grodin's character, he was slipping away into the crowd at the Los Angeles airport.

When Universal and Tribeca studios got this sequel underway, they hired Tim Dowling to write the script and the plan was to only bring back the bounty hunter character of De Niro and have him chasing the son of Grodin's character.

Grodin had this to say:
“I’ve been led to believe by someone I won’t name that they will ask me and I will consider it.”

Grodin is very particular about the roles he takes, basically staying semi-retired. He wants to keep traveling time to a minimum as keep his family at the forefront of his life.
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