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Red Dawn Remake Gets put on "Indefinite Hold"

The remake of the 1984 cult classic "Red Dawn" has been put on hold. Yet another casualty of the woes of MGM Studios.
We recently learned that the latest James Bond film has been put on hold due to the financial woes of MGM studios and now we can add another casualty to that list. The "Red Dawn" remake that was scheduled to release in November of this year has been put on an "indefintite hold.

"The troubled studio managed to make several movies recently, one that was already released ("Hot Tub Time Machine"), one that is being released next year by Sony ("The Zookeeper") and one, "Red Dawn," that is in the can but may stay there for quite a while, at least until someone buys MGM or provides the kind of big investment needed to market and distribute new films."

The updated version of the film pits a group of youngsters against an invasion of Chinese communist armies. It stars Chris Hemsworth (who may may see as Thor before this film ever gets released), Josh Peck, Josh Hutcherson, Connor Cruise, Adrienne Palicki, Isabella Lucas and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

It seems that no one has any idea when this film will get released. That's too bad, because they have a great cast and it seemed like it would be a fun movie to watch.
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